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Sample Case Study Report

Patrick Said:

Case Study about renal function... What is causing the following condition?

We Answered:

Clearly the cause is congestive heart failure.

Low blood pressure stops the kidneys working (they need normal blood pressure) This will lead to no piddle, blood full of unexcreted materials which will make him feel weak and terrible

Crystal Said:

Biology help - Case Studies?

We Answered:

2.Pyelonephritis - bacterial infection of the kidney which can develop with or subsequent to, or even without, a bladder infection.

4. Acute renal failure.

Roberta Said:

bio case study questions?

We Answered:

1. The soccer player most likely sustained a renal contusion from being kicked. It would probably be a good idea to obtain a CT scan to make sure that is the extent of the injury.

2. Because the WBC's are elvated and the patient is lethargic, sepsis is the first diagnosis on the list. Not enough other information is provided - she may have renal or hepatic disease.

3. The obese man most likely has NIDDM, (type 2 diabetes) which is associated with obesity. Polyuria and polydipsia are a result of elevated glucose levels.

4. Cardiogenic shock would be the first thing to worry about. If that is excluded, the next thing to consider is renal failure, although there is usually some urine production in that case.

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