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Risk Management Case Study

Juan Said:

any one can help in answering acase study questions about health care risk managent .PLEASE?

We Answered:


Melanie Said:

Risk Management in construction project - thesis?

We Answered:

there many things to considered in risk management like how to plan for labour hours, price of materials, theft, weather and many other things.
the best explanation is in wikipedia follow the link below.

Helen Said:

I just got a GREAT job offer from a company in Chap 11 Bancruptcy-Should I take it?

We Answered:

well, you want to be a lawyer, so to me it looks like you have 2 good job offers that will give you some experience while you get ready to pass the BAR exam. The question you have to ask yourself is, what do you want to do with your JD. If you want to practice as a lawyer, then I would get the experience working on actual cases. If you just want the JD to boost your resume for higher management jobs, then go for the job that gives you room to move up the ladder. Another question is, do you want to stay at this place, or move on to another job after you finish the JD. Either way, I would take one of the jobs, because good jobs are hard to find and if you like the Salary and the description, go for it. It will also help your Resume.

Gertrude Said:

what is the project management and what is project management risks?

We Answered:

The project management deals with the management of the available resources to the project optimally. Earlier days a critical path method was followed and from which the critical path was identified, which will have no cushion time called floats. Hence in the event unexpected delays in one activity, the critical path will throw all the problems since it has no flexibility to adjust or the project will go for more than what was planned. Hence extra expenditure. In the CPM itself, when americans went for the ballistic missile programme, they went for PERT for the first time and found very useful for the project management. Each activity's time was calculated with averaging out from most llikely time (4 times), optimistic time (1 time) and pessimistic time(1 time) i.e., adding no. of times shown with dividing by 6.
Further improvements were made by process known as Crashing by which various inputs could be made to minimise the activity time itself. Naturally this will cost more and the benefits we derive should be calculated for such an input.
The risks are: time run and cost run. Handling of resources of men, machine, method, money and material has to be constantlly monitored to minimise time/cost run failures.

Amy Said:

Which books are recommended for marketing, management and entrepreneur?

We Answered:

the "e-myth revisited" great book you can get at most book stores.
Good luck in your adventure..

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