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Recruitment Case Study

Catherine Said:

Where can I find case law?

We Answered:

The employment tribunals service website is the main source of employment law reports:…

As you're at university, you will probably also have access to specialist legal electronic resources such as lexisnexis and Westlaw, which provide law reports via a search engine. It is also possible to obtain journal articles which might point you in the right direction from the same sources. If you are not sure how to access these resources, I'm sure your library helpdesk will be able to assist.

The journal articles would probably be a good starting point, as I am not sure there is any real case law on this subject as yet.

Vanessa Said:

please help me with this case study! ?

We Answered:

People want non-financial rewards such as vacations and if a company doesn't provide breaks people will most likely not apply. The job occupation may be boring or unenthusiastic and employees will find it hard to focus if they are not really paying attention.

Another would be job requirements because they may be located in a place where people don't obtain a degree of some sort and even though people apply they aren't getting the job because they aren't well prepared for it.

Hope i help. :)

Ellen Said:

Why are Recruitment Agencies and Employers being so dam ruthless?

We Answered:

My husband found that after 40 years in catering and running his own business he was on the scrapheap. Recruitment agencies operate age discrimination, if you are over 35 they do not send on the CVs although they say they do. Jobs are advertised which are already filled. Most of these places are run by one man and his dog and should be closed down. The largest agencies are manned by 20 somethings who think anyone their age must be the best bet.
We started to look at companies with their own internet vacancies and my husband found a very well paid job within a week.
You are not alone. don't give up hope.

Myrtle Said:

Why Top Companies Prefer to Hire People from MBA Colleges in Delhi?

We Answered:

There is no question here and this is a question and answer forum./

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