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Public Relations Case Studies

Ralph Said:

Examples of professionalism in public relations?

We Answered:

Unprofessional would be lying to the customer or being rude. Professional would be telling the truth about the product. Also being knowledgeable about it. Also listening and trying to solve if any problems come up about the product.

Shirley Said:

Need help - Public Relations Case Study?

We Answered:

As the PR consultant, you need to think about several audiences. These should be the people affected by the faulty desks, the public and your own employees.

It would be difficult to discuss an entire crisis management plan here, but I'll give you a few thoughts.

First, in everything you do, you must show concern for the safety of consumers and outline specifically what is being done to ensure the situation doesn't occur again. If in fact the reason was poor quality and lack of product testing, your company should implement a testing program for all furniture and announce publicly what is being done. You must do it, and not just say you are doing it. This is an instance when a company could have saved a lot of money had they done the right thing to begin with. Because they did not, they must NOW do the right thing to improve their tarnished image.

As far as the individuals affected by the faulty desks, you have already settled out of court with one and may be sued by others. You have (or need) an attorney. This is a delicate situation, because from a PR standpoint, you should be in contact with the "victims." Not doing so could result in them telling the media that you have ignored them, and you come across as the business that doesn't care. Your attorney on the other hand may advise against being in contact with the victims. My best advice in this situation is to talk with the attorney about what you can do to show the victims that you do care about what happened to them. Since the victims are children, this is especially important.

Finally, your third audience is your employees. They should be kept informed of what is happening, but they should not talk to the media. Only a designated person (such as the President) or the hired PR consultant should release any information to the media or public in order to control the flow and accuracy of information.

When deciding how to release information to the media (in this case your plan for correcting the situation), I personally use this rule of thumb. If your company is taking a major hit in the public eye, call a press conference and tackle the issue loudly and swiftly. If it's a situation where you are taking a hit on a smaller level, you may take a slower approach. Perhaps simply send a news release or wait and see if the situation continues to develop. My point is that there is no need to call a news conference and draw more attention to the situation, if the negative publicity is not already widespread. Some may disagree with me on this, but it's the approach I've taken as a successful PR Director.

I hope this helps.

Sonia Said:

im doing a Public Relations case study, can anyone help me please?

We Answered:

The inept handling of the disaster by Exxon has been cited as an example (of what not to do) in crisis management papers for nearly 20 years now. Exxon showed very little leadership during or after the disaster. They reacted slowly and ineffectively and this was pointed out very clearly by the media coverage of the day. At the time, the company simply provided no evidence that they cared about what had happened. In the eyes of the public, they appeared confused and indifferent to the environmental destruction. That still haunts them.

Please consider researching some of the references in the link below.

Jack Said:

What is a good example of a Public Relations Campaign...?

We Answered:

look at CAIR. The most successful propaganda machine I've ever seen. I don't agree with the organization one whit; but man does it do a good job of public relations. Problem is that they do a good job in a bad way.
Another problem is that they get away with a lot of skulduggery and no one see's it at all!

Ryan Said:

If I majored in Public Relations but wanted to get into a Physician Assistant program in grad school...?

We Answered:

The best thing you could do to get into PA school is take more chemistry (a year of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry with labs). The bachelor's in nursing is a good idea for a back up plan but the extra chem courses aren't usually required/accepted for that degree. If you can't stand nursing, you won't like being a PA. If you do well in the extra chem courses, it looks great on an application and is often a prerequisite for admission. If the chem courses don't interest you or aren't accepted for your back up degree, you might have to do them anyway to get into the school you want. Unfortunately, Biology courses don't seem to carry as much weight when it comes to admissions.

The actual degree you get is insignificant to most PA schools, so that's a plus if you are already well into your Public Relations degree.

Johnnie Said:


We Answered:

ask ya teacher.

Carol Said:

how to do a public relations case study?

We Answered:

Good source provided by previous person. Here's a couple more:…

Click on the green "View Now" button at this link:…

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