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Psychology Case Study

Billy Said:

Psychology Case study - 10 pts for the diagnosis - Psychological perspective.?

We Answered:

social anxiety disorder with panic attacks...
'Peter', should have his thyroid, sex,adrenal, cortisol levels checked, also which contibute greatly to our emotions....
and could be the root of the problem or contributing to it
You should also go to the EFT site below and learn the method and apply it to all that is bothering you to remove it quickly, the basic method is free, and there are therapist who are trained and will work over the phone idf you need that...this is the quickest way to getover all this that i know of, and you can combine it with therapy if need be...

Cody Said:

Psychology Case study - 10 pts for answering the questions.?

We Answered:

well assuming you want me to offer a possible never really asked what the question was which may be why after 15 min, I am the first to answer.

It looks like social anxiety with panic attacks maybe some problems with sensory intergration like what is seen with arsbergerger's (sp)
His father's perfectionism and current disapproval over his job could have onset an underlying predisposition to this anxiety. If he did not already have a predisposition then the chances are he would not have developed it.

Biological psychology is showing the most advances in understanding many mental health disorders and they have found that ppl can go many years without problems, but under stressful situations an underlying predisposition towards mental illness can surface or resurface. There is a correlation between high stress and onsetting of mental health illnesses.

There is also a possibilty that he has undiagnosed, high functioning arsberger's which could also explain the shyness, social anxiety, easily overwhelmed with too much stimuli (driving,crowds etc) and that he has decompensated with his father's constant disapproval with not meeting his unrealistic expectations. People with autism spectrim disorders are prone to quickly decompensate under stress and are also prone to secondary anxiety disorders.

I hope this answers your question. I never really did get to see what the question was since you stopped typing and summited before asking.

Bryan Said:


We Answered:

Describe everything you see. It goes like this. SL is a 15 year old single female who presents with a happy face. She engages easily, has a bright affect, sits in her seat calmly and quietly. She is normally on time, pays attention in class and answers questions when asked. She is dressed casually, sits up straight, has brown hair and blue eyes. She is well groomed. She uses a book bag to carry her books. Occasionally she will talk with her friend who sits next to her. She makes good grades and brings her lunch ever day. I hope this helps, good luck.

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