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Psychology Case Study Examples

Ashley Said:

Is a psychology of anatomy a valid pursuit of study?

We Answered:

The autonomic nervous system controls all "automatic" functions, including visceral, endocrine, and homeostatic functions. It is divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic system is thought of as the "fight or flight" system. Sympathetic activation involves dilation of the pupils and blood vessels, increased blood pressure, increased respiration, and a sense of "readiness". Stimulants engage this system and have similar effects. In contrast, parasympathetic activation involves contraction of pupils and blood vessels, decreased blood pressure, shallow breathing, and a sense of relaxation. Opiates engage this system. In general, the two systems balance each other, but there are exceptions.…

Marvin Said:

Compare and contrast Case Study and Naturalistic Observation. Provides example to ilustrate.?

We Answered:

First, list everything you have to say about case studies.

Then list everything you have to say about naturalistic observation.

For both, include what they are, how they're gotten, and their plusses and minuses.

Then, look over both lists. For each item on the first, is there a corresponding item on the second? For each on the second, is there a corresponding item on the first?

Now you have two lists, that are realated to each toher point by point.

For each point, think of an example of each, that supports or explains or illustrates that point.

Then write your essay.

You need to recall examples from your readings of each type.

Ken Said:

Psychology case study help?

We Answered:

for the whole night thing is paranoia, the thing with her sister-in-law has something to do with a fear of acceptance and paranoia.

She fears that she isn't accepted amongst the family, and then if someone says that she is then she would come up with a reason why she isn't wouldn't she, which is somewhat paranoia.

Linda Said:

Can anybody please tell me the best way to revise and get A's in exams which has worked for yourself?

We Answered:

I'm a past A-level candidate, and although I've passed with C grades, I'm usually a better peformer than this. I came to realise some of my mistakes based on what others who scored better has done.

Since you have low concentration skills for reading, firstly, you should listen carefully in class, and take key notes from the lecturer. (your own notes are more memorable).

Then pratice on a lot of past papers, there are a lot of books based on past papers and when you go through question, you will tend to look for the answers you don''t know in your book or notes and it will help you know the topics more and maybe the same question has a good chance of coming up in the real exams!!
Last but not least, discipline is something that everyone has to work on to achieve their goals-I know it comes easier for some people. Look at me for example, I was a serious student, but sometimes I got distracted too, but then i really had to put my feet firmly on the ground. You picture yourself with the feeling after getting bad results, and ask yourself if this is what you want in the end? Then inspire yourelf to go though the tough part, by telling yourself you can have the time of your life as a reward when you will reap good results! You should switch off the tv or get away from distractions from your family. Maybe study with your best music playing in the background.I don't know if everyone can do it, but it keeps me entertained when I'm doing something less glamourous like studying!
Another sugestion is to try study groups and sometimes the debate over different topics or questions with the others will help you write essay type questions, because you will remember what your friends discussed and the best answer that you solved together. More heads are better than one, and your friends will stop you straying from studying if you have very dedicated people in the group. Your team members can even help you with your weaknesses-like with things you have poor understanding on. My classmates who were curious about past papers and who had study gangs performed better! I hope I have been a great help. Good Luck!

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