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Psychology Case Studies

Cody Said:

what kinds of research topics would you think is most appropriate for case studies in Psychology?

We Answered:

The brain. Diseases of the brain. Nature vs. Nurture. Dream interpretation. ADD. ADHD.

Andre Said:

I need to find some of the most famous case studies in psychology?

We Answered:

Hehe. Here is a link:…

There are about 6 there. You might also look at "Clever Hans" (he was a horse so I know know if he counts" and Little Albert." You might also look into "Sybil" and "Kitty Genovese."

Here is another link…

hope that helps!

Dwayne Said:

Case studies in Psychology?

We Answered:

Case Studies -
Detailed information on subject,
Personal traits can be recorded.
Can be limited to individual, difficult to generalise,
Data is limited to what is recorded at time of Study
Effect of IV on DV can be measured accurately,
Extraneous variables can be controlled and monitored,
Strength of results can be measured
Participant differences and numbers,
Experimental method used,
Can be tedious and show disparities between several repeats, thus proving results void.
Participant expectations and variables
Observation -
-ADV- Very few.
Results actually witnessed,
naturally occuring, not forced behaviour
Experimentor Bias, interpreting what they want to see, MAJOR disadvantage
Participant acting unnaturally as they know they are being observed,
Results difficult to accurately classify and nearly impossible to repeat

Bertha Said:

20 case studies...psychology? A-level?

We Answered:

For each case study, imagine that you are the doctor and how you'll carry out the methods/evaluation when patients come to you-like a movie. Visualise each case repeatedly until you can do it automatically. During your test, just replay the "movie" in your mind. Also, you can try to associate each patient to one of your friends say patient Jack with your friend John, etc. It works for me!

Maureen Said:

Best website to find case studies? {Psychology}?

We Answered:

i hope the following websites would provide more information about case studies in psychology.……

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