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Project Failure Case Study

Kim Said:

KKR failure...was McCullum actually to be blamed ? (Part of project)?

We Answered:

1.The Indian Players were not upto the expectation. If you take the teams which have won more matches atleast 4-5 out of seven were contributing almost most of the matches. In KKR, only Ishanth, LR Shukla, Ganguly and Agarkar were good players. That too they contributed once in a while. When you are having a team with 7 Indian players who are not performing regularly you can't blame on the Captain

2.McCullum didn't perform in the first half of the tournament. So he can't command his team well. Thats the worrying part of the Captaincy. Though he picked up the momentum in his batting later he could not get the respect a captain deserved.

3.It was not confirm whether there was a rift between Foreign Coaching Staffs and Indian Players. But it must have definitely made the players uncomfortable and they never played and gelled together as a team

4.Except Hussey and Hodge, no one was as good as they were expected. Hayden(CSK), Warne(RR), Jayasuriya & Bravo(MI), Gilchrist & Symonds(DC), Dilshan(DD), Kallis(RCB) have been the top contributors and have taken their teams to win single handedly in many matches. No one in KKR was that much good

Shelly Said:

Do you know of interesting Case Study in Geotechnical Engineering?

We Answered:

A project on geothermal activity in Indonesia.

Dennis Said:

Did this happen on Collins project ? (If it did, it might explain stories about systems that worked in the?

We Answered:

Any or all of the above could be reasonable answers, I don't think theres any need to clarify that their were faults all through the whole ordeal, it whether you can prove it is what is the major obstacle :)

Sandra Said:

Anyone know any high profile failures and successes in the field of computer science?

We Answered:

It's not always obvious how to start hunting for a job, I was in a bit of a rut in recent times when I was job seeking, until I found the website in the box below that has sensible tips. I soon got myself going down the correct path, and in a couple of weeks after a couple of interviews I secured a really great job.

Sam Said:

how can i find the case study of pile foundation failure?

We Answered:

are you talking about "construction" and "stabilization"?
search either of those or "construction pile foundation failure" on yahoo search engine.

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