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Project Case Study

Ross Said:

i have to make a project on case study on any environmental topic?

We Answered:

do you need help thinking of a topic or what because you haven't really made it very clear...

if you need help in thinking of a topic, i have some ideas;
- global warming
- amazon rain forest
- species of animal or creature going extinct

hope ive helped you,

Franklin Said:

i want a case study or project report on subhiksha selectiion and recruitment process bt july 30 for free plz?

We Answered:

Really ........Really, your serious. Your funny girl.
Who cares abt an retail store pan dabba chain like subhiksha.

Tom Said:

Help me on my project of Institutional case study of disaster management?

We Answered:

Google it

Mae Said:

Can anyone help me in my project "case study on motivation"?

We Answered:

think of a situation when you motivated somebody and tried to coax him or her into performing an activity he or she was not ready to do. write about the state of mind of the individual before you motivated and what happened afterwards. Also write about what techniques you used to motivate the person.

Start writing, you will be amazed at the outcome.
Good luck.
If you are looking for someone to post a case for you, you will never learn motivation

Jeffrey Said:

disaster management- project institutional case study?

We Answered:

Please visit these web sites for information and organisations engaged in disaster management:

Hope it will be of help.

Mitchell Said:

how we create a project report on case study of core processor and include the index?

We Answered:

get all of your study material from the following site…

Fernando Said:

Please help me in making my project on institutional case study on disaster Response?

We Answered:

hope the below given blog will help u

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