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Outsourcing Case Study

Terri Said:

Principle of Management?

We Answered:

As per Dogbert’s Big Book of Business:

"Just outsource everything to the Elbonians."

Phillip Said:

Dell outsourcing?

We Answered:

Harvard Business School cases are great but they cost money (about $6 per case):


Tiffany Said:

Principle of Management?

We Answered:

Q1. Which of the following method was adopted by the Royal Chocolates to achieve
optimum production level in order to meet customers’ order during peek seasons?
B. Hiring the part-time workers to share the work burden

Q2. Royal Chocolates was succeeded to develop the taste for its chocolates & candies
among the masses and hence planned to expand its business; which of the
following tactic was adopted by the company owners to expand their business?

D. Hired full-time workers to meet the increased amount of customers’ orders

Q3. What kind of compensation policy was offered by Mr.Ali & Mr.Usman, the
company proprietors to their full-time workers?

D. Minimum wage rate policy

Q4. According to the mentioned case which of the following employee category was
not given their full potential to the company?

C. Production head

Q5. How did part-time workers respond to the company’s pay policy of hourly wage

C. It lowered down their performance as considered inappropriate by the workers

Q6. Which of the following best reflects the workers’ reaction towards the newly set
performance targets by Mr.Ali?

D. Failed to get any sort of response from the workers

Q7. Why Mr.Ali had introduced a ‘piece-rate pay plan’ & offered a bonus for ‘zerodefect’ packaging of 75 boxes of chocolate?

D. To change existing employees regarding the current pay plans

Q10. What sort of violations had been made by Mr.Ali that were pin pointed by the
government representative of labor department during his visit to the Royal
A. Their compensation package was not fair enough to accurately reward employees’ working hours

Lewis Said:

Kindly let me know how can one procure some legal work of professional nature from abroad say UK or USA.?

We Answered:…

Gina Said:

help regrding presentation in christ college ?

We Answered:

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