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Organizational Behavior Case Study

June Said:

Help me to solve this Organizational Behaviour question?

We Answered:

you really dont have any control in this situation. If you had power you could test the product you sell or change the advertisements or claims or simply pull it from the shelves. Or if the claim that it is ineffective is actually false, then you could post proof to defend your product.
You onteh other hand are a research assistant so most likely have non of these power.

Ethically if you do not feel right representing such a company you can quit. You also could talk to your boss and ask if you can do additional research on the product so you can see if it in fact does work thus defending the company with proof. YOu could also request to see previous research results showing that it is effective.
If you still feel unethical about being a part of such a company you should quit.

Timothy Said:

What are my chances of getting into this Ph.D. program? Is my test score high enough?

We Answered:

In general, GMAT scores won't usually get you in the door, but they can keep you out. A 440 GMAT score is very low and is usually not competitive almost any program of any discipline that requires the GMAT, regardless of any other qualifications. You really need to retake it.

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