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Online Business Case Studies

Tamara Said:

Where can I find some case studies on the profitability of using internet business vs. store business'.?

We Answered:

I know there are case studies at SBI, which is the program I used to build my own online business. I don't personally have the same offline business, but I know plenty who do. The link for the reading is in the source box below.

Happy reading!

Jordan Said:

Business Studies help please.?

We Answered:

hi ya
iam also doing my gcse business on tue, im doing higher :S

limited liability is a main one, i dont need to explain that lol.

when a company becomes a PRIVATE limited company it has to invite people to buy its shares unlike a public limited company, which means that anyone can buy its shares which could include competitors.

in a public limited it is easy for someone to buy enough shares to take over the company if they can convince the shareholders to sell.

if you have the gcse business studies book it helps.
i also think that murgers could come up.

good luck!! im dreading it!!

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