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Network Case Study

Timothy Said:

(Please!)Need Help for Networking Case study [Anyone can give me a idea for this case study] Thank you so much?

We Answered:

I'd need way, way more information to give this a serious answer. It doesn't say how many people are on staff, what their network usage needs are, building space for server rooms and/or switch cabinets, ISP availability in the area, their BUDGET, what of the old network is currently existing... How the heck are you supposed to get a physical and logical topology diagram from that? Also it says this project was needed after a database crash, yet nowhere in the design bullets does it say anything about implementing fault-tolerance or a disaster-recovery plan. All-in-all if this is a school project I'd have a lot of questions to ask the teacher before entertaining this one...

Linda Said:

ethical issues-case study: senior network engineer claimed that because of the existence of unethical practice

We Answered:

This is not even a question! What does it have to do with study abroad? Why is this post even here?

Shirley Said:

Can you tell me some way to sercure a network with wins 2k3 ad. server enterprise and wins 2k clients?

We Answered:

there are a few...

- L2TP

Alvin Said:

wireless home networks case studies?

We Answered:

What about them? Are you looking for some that have been done with results on-line so you can see them? Are you proposing to do one?

More details...

Amber Said:

Should a waterfall or RAD model be used when installing a new computer network?

We Answered:

It all depends on what the hotel wishes to accomplish. If you are looking to implement a major turn-key upgrade to your business operations, then a waterfall design method should be used. If you would like to get things up and running to try different approaches towards meeting your final requirements, then a RAD implementation model should be used.

I would recommend speaking with an IT consultant directly, as you may be able to take a RAD approach while reaping the benefits of a waterfall implementation in the same amount of time.

Please feel free to contact me directly for more information.

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