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Motivation Case Study

Scott Said:

How to do a case study on achievement motivation? What are the questions I should ask the interviewees?

We Answered:

There is a reason that many companies make the last interview a lunch interview. You can not really access a person when they have their guard up.

Same deal with an office interview. You already have the info about them on paper in front of you. Some people do not interview well but might be highly motivated once they have the job. Actually those people might be ten times better since they got the chance as opposed to those who can talk a big game.

Basically what you want to do is humanize yourself rather than have a list of questions. Talk about wife, kids, the weather or whatnot. How a person handles a bit of informality is the telling thing that will make your decision.

Claire Said:

case study on consumer behaviour motivation?

We Answered:

Try looking on It's one of the best sources for academic research articles.

Jay Said:

Effect of motivation of job satisfaction on staff productivity (case study of an institution)?

We Answered:

Obviously, if you are happy with your job then you will be more than happy to put out the extra effort.

We have been in a detrimental downward spiral facilitated by corporate executive greed.

The bottom line is the only thing they care about. It doesn't matter what the exec's have to do cut employee benefits, pay, the workers themselves, what ever it takes to show an increased profit from the last quarter's earnings.


Because then they can give themselves a huge bonus for making the stock holders happy.

Company cars, gas cards, expense accounts, fully paid top of the line health care, profit sharing, stock, bonus', and many other perc's.

All of that for cutting the throat of the people who actually make the money for the company.

Gee It's no wonder people hate work so much !!!

I hope this helps you out I really hope this some how makes a difference.

Maybe some one will read it and say to themselves.

"My God I am a greedy, low down, cut throat, scum bag, executive that doesn't pay enough to the workers so they can have a decent living!"

Clara Said:

Motivation case study - open if u got brains plzzz :) need help (!) a whole grade in the balance...?

We Answered:

Here is how to go about the assignment, which is going to be far more use to you than me simply answering the questions for you - if I did that you would learn nothing.

Taylor's view was that people were almost totally motivated by financial remuneration and would up their performance in order to get extra wages as a matter of course. Maslow posted the (at the time) revolutionary theory that once people got to a certain level of income financially (so they were comfortable enough to provide essentials for themselves and their family), then the blunt instrument approach of simply offering more money in an attempt to motivate them was not satisfactory and in general, decent earners often responded better to non-financial inducements like job satisfaction, working conditions, ability to strike a work/life balance etc etc.
1) is straighforward - presumably RBS pays a competitive salary and has reasonably conditions such as holiday allowance etc.
2) See above
3) Look up some of the Maslow 'drivers' and compare what's there to what is in the Total Reward package
4) Assess whether you think such people are paid well enough for Maslow to apply and look at the opportunities that a school may have to offer in terms of giving such employees non-finance based motivation.

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