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Motivation Case Studies

Shannon Said:

Can somebody illustrate me their personal experience in motivatiing employees?

We Answered:

I went into a new job (Plant Controller 250 people plant) where the previous person had mishandled the employees. The first thing that I did was give them a list of 15 things that I considered were important to people. I asked them to rate them as to what was their priority. That gave me an idea of what was important by employee. Motivation is different with each employee. If you try to do the same with everyone, it will only motivate a part of the employees at different levels. I did have a supervisor that came to me with the list and decided after that analysis, he did not want to be a supervisor and took a pay cut to work a few years as an accountant and then retire. Turned from a mediocre supervisor to a fair employee.

Peggy Said:

Can a english speaker correct my letter of motivation please :D?

We Answered:

I am currently in my last year of a law program at the Universit of Evry (France),
My goal is to accomplish an international public law Master's degree in order to integrate into an ngo with a humanitarian vocation, or to work within an international cooperation 's [do you mean corporation?] international organisation
In this optic [what is optic?], my bachelor degree has always been focused on subjects of public and private international law, which was enriched by a one year study abroad program at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).
Starting June 2010 until August 2010 (two months in total) , I would like to complete a legal internship
within an public institution or an ngo related with international relations and law or any similar field in the city of Capetown.

To accomplish such an internship, I choose the city of Capetown because the current instauration [what??] of a law state represent one of the main challenges of South Africa
that i want to be a part of. [Redo this entire sentence: What concerns international solidarity, management of humanitarian projects, help towards population in difficulties are fields that i want to be concretly confronted.]
Moreover, Capetown is known as the ideal city to [evolve?] in an international environment where issues of social change and diversity can be explored, and I can learn about new cultures.

I expect work that is making progress for the ngo in question, and permits me to understand the functioning of an ngo under any form [this doesn't make sense: as realisations & administrations of current projects of the establishment, seminaries's preparation,] assisting case workers at refugee centers, researching human rights-related legislation both in South Africa and internationally,writing research reports and so on.
My studies have provided me with knowledge of law and informatics[? informational skills?] skills that I would be happy to bring to the institution, adding a synthetic and analistic spirit I developed.
My former profesional experiences show that i make social contacts easily and that I am able to work in a different linguistic environment from my own.

Working in a ngo is more than a [volonty?? do you mean opportunity?] to have an international experience but a necessity for my [lawyer universitary formation?] which will confirm the road of my future specialisation in this field.
I consider it as an [inedit?] opportunity to be concretely involved inside law affairs; Therefore,
i expect from this internship a practise of my theorics law knowleges by being given trust, responsibilities and autonomy in every task i can be involved in the law's field or another similar-
I also hope that every task i'll be involved into will permit me to gain new intellectual and personal aptitudsand beyond eveything a new human experience.

This still needs a lot of work, but I made some improvements.
I'm starting an essay help site (free!) so if you want more help check it out and post! I will get back to you asap

Jeremy Said:

Best and Quickest way to get into teaching?

We Answered:

Okay, the "quickest" way to get into teaching - for example, receive pay and work experience while taking the courses, are these:
1. Work in an area of emergency need. Some places (mostly cities) have programs that let you Intern teach with a salary while completing your degree. This is much rarer under the No Child Left Behind law but still exists in some areas. It is how I started. If you already have a Bachelor's degree or are very, very close you apply for Emergency certification under the state's process. Usually a rule is to maintain coursework the entire time, so it can be a challenge - teaching full time and working on your classes. But the experience you get in the work makes your classes fall right into place, papers are not hard, you always have field experience lined up already, etc.
2. Since that is very rare these days because of NCLB, you could try to start at a primary school as a teacher's assistant while finishing your courses. These positions are usually lower salaried but often the assistants get to do much of what a teacher does (and from a teacher's perspective, even better things, like more small group work), and the hours are part-time, making the position more manageable with taking courses.
Those are two suggestions I have. If you don't need the money you could also volunteer at the school a few days. That might help with motivation! You wouldn't have to jump through so many hoops just to volunteer a few days, and you could see if it really was for you. I'd say without motivation it's not, so check it out. When I decided to become a teacher, it was all I could pursue and think about. Volunteer or visit the school again and see if you become more motivated. Good luck

Shelly Said:

I have lost all motivation.. I'm spiraling down. What is one to do in such a case?

We Answered:

Think of the grade you need to achieve. The passions you'd like to strive for. The future you want to attain. All of that ties to your education. Believe me, you don't want to start a habit of excluding your studies from your life. Grow to develop an interest in what you're learning and let it motivate you into success. Try getting involved in something you like to do. That way, you have more of a positive attitude towards your likes and dislikes. Think of what motivated you before and get it back. You are in control of your own life. Do not let fear or procrastination prevent you from achieving your goals. You are young with your whole life ahead of you.

Ramona Said:

I need some help with my homework please thank you?

We Answered:

This link tells you all the motivation theory.… Good luck.
I wish some one could respond to my question because it's not found in google I just need some ideals. My question is here...…

Bernard Said:

How do I get motivated without the use of Adderall?

We Answered:

Maybe it could help if you broke your motivation down into small tasks.
Tell yourself, if you do this..........then you can do something you want to do. Reward ;yourself for betting the task done. Then do something else you do not want to do and reward yourself afterward.
How about if I study or do my homework, I can go to Yahoo Answers when I finish. Don't stay up toooooo late though!

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