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Medical Case Study Example

Vickie Said:

Do medical schools look down on Psychology degrees?

We Answered:

as long as you take all of the required class, it shouldn't be a problem with what you major in. Med schools may actually like it more because you are more diverse then someone who majored in pre med

Just make sure you get all the required classes done and do well on the MCAT

Roberto Said:

What is the difference and definition between thinking MORALLY, CRITICALLY, ETHICALLY AND LEGALLY? ?

We Answered:


Thank you for getting as much detail as you did as it certainly helps answer the question.

I would propose that there are varying levels of responsibility here. For your first question, "Who was responsible here?", the answer is the student nurse who administered the wrong medication. However, in a system which has supervision built into it that is the RN team leader, she would ultimately be responsible for the proper supervision of her student nurse.

I believe there would be a moral obligation for this incident to get reported and I believe it did. The doctor is ultimately responsible for the care of the patient and since he was notified I believe that they are morally and ethically justified.

This answer does not however take into account the legal obligation as I am fairly sure that this hospital as well as all hospitals have a policy of reporting all such incidences. It should fall on the shoulders of the student nurse to reported a few is the one who discovered the problem although it does not sound as though that was the case. In any event, the responsibility to report the incident falls on the shoulders of the one who has discovered the mistake and ultimately it falls upon the supervisor of the shift.

It is entirely possible that the RN team leader was not trying to protect anyone but rather was following policy (assuming there is no mandatory reporting to the hospital ministrations when wrong medications are given). If not, the only way to properly answer this question is to ask know in general and from watching House, M.D. the team lead was probably protecting herself. There is no way to truly know unless you ask and then believed the team lead.

Most certainly the family on a moral and ethical obligation should have been notified or their family if such notification would have been detrimental to the patient.

Get the student was the one who noticed the mistake, she should have reported. In this case it seems as though she did not noticed the mistake however, the supervising nurse was notified and handled it according to her judgment.

As for who will pay for it, I'm assuming you're not talking about a monetary value. It is entirely possible that the team lead will right up something negative in evaluation of the students such as, "has a tendency to not pay attention to the details of proper administration of medications". In such a case, being the low person on the totem pole is a bad deal. As for who will take care of the RN team leader, that will be answered in the next section.

If the student nurse feels troubled in her conscience that this might lead to a bad report, she is free to report the hospital administration (and this would be legally necessary if the hospital has a policy of mandatory reporting for the improper administration of medications). This may possibly have very adverse effects on her career.

I do hope this helps explain some of the differences between moral / ethical and legal thinking. What the law says is not always what is morally right and vice versa.

Alan Said:

What major should i take in college to become a medical doctor?

We Answered:

To go to med school U can be any major from Music to Chemistry to Mechanical Engineering. What's important is a really good score on the MCAT and that U complete all the requirements for the med school U are applying to . Concerning major for a master, to ur adviser as opportunities may vary from university/ state to univ/state. Choose what U are interessted in mostly and U can always accomodate to something more like Chem engineering or Biomedical engineering or whatever....just choose something U like and do really good on the MCAT, ur gpa and the requirements.... :)
Good Luck! :)

Sherry Said:

Why do people still preach about contraception in the face of medical findings?

We Answered:

There's something against premarital sex in certain religious texts, and people find it difficult to break free and think for themselves.

Elmer Said:

help mee plzzzzz frnds?

We Answered:

You won't get your information all in one persons answer and hopefully you didn't wait till the last minute to do this!
Man- made disasters are like Terrorism attacks in New York.
Go online and type in each one ( one at a time and see what comes up.)
For #7 I would see if there was a case study done on Katrina in New Orleans.

In conclusion I would add in doing your research for this project you realized just how important it is to plan for Natural and man-mad disasters. One should always be well prepared for any disaster in order for survival.We are all responsible for our own health and preparedness and should not sit back waiting for government or others to rescue you. We are usually warned ahead of time in order to prepare, therefore eliminating the need for total chaos and confusion on what we will do or how we will survive till help comes during these times or disasters.
Knowledge is everything and if you seek it you will find it. There is no excuse.

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