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Medical Case Studies

Jeanne Said:

how to write a medical case study without violating HIPPAA?

We Answered:

You can refer to the patient as patient A or patient S or some other random identifier.

Vivian Said:

What should I expect from a medical case study?

We Answered:

Basically you have agreed to be a guinea pig in order to receive medicine and follow up visits for free. The only "surprise" may be when they realize that the drug you are testing isn't really so safe after all. If you feel your condition warrants an experimental drug, then I say go for it. Best of luck and health to you.

Ricky Said:

Can anyone tell me a good site that has medical case studies?

We Answered:

Does it have to be medical case "studies"? Can it not be just a good website with medical information? If so, you can try It is fantastic. I am sure you've heard of the Mayo Clinic. This is a website that they have.

If it is imperative that you look up medical cae studies/files, then go to this website instead:…

Jeremy Said:

Medical Case Studies?

We Answered:

Many (If not most) of the medical and PA journals have cases that give you info alittle at a bit & you diagnose (and many are online). The granddaddy is the New England Journal of Medicine; the British journal Lancet (I believe); Journal of the Academy of Physicians Assistants, the Clinician series; Post Graduate Medicine, there are alot. You could go to the Journal section at the library (either at a medical school, or any university) and look at titles & then see if they are online. Also, google "free CME" (or free medical CME)(continuing medical education). There are quite a number of free sites that offer dialogues, lectures, case presentations etc

Dana Said:

Are those medical case studies a scam, or do they actually pay (compensate) you?

We Answered:

They are actually legit...

Be warned they can can range from a cake walk to a living nightmare. It depends on what kind of study they are doing.

You know when you see on yahoo homepage when they have those studies like "Men have high blood pressure than women(not true just example)" or "Women sleep a lot better than men(making up more stuff, don't know if it is really true)" and they say that in a study conducted between so and so many people scientist at so and so university actually dicovered that blah, blah, blah.... That is what you are going to be doing of you are lucky.

Worse case scenario is that they have to experiment with this brand new drug so they can pass the human evaluation part of their research. You could end up comepletely unharmed and feeling great with the FREE pills you go to help/cure whatever so you wouldn't have to deal with it in the future OR you could end up with a cornicopia of side effects that can range from moderate to servere.

Its almost like gambling but with your body instead of your money. That is the main reason why they pay so much for only a few day studies.

I would call them and ask what they specifically want you to do and weigh the pros and cons for itself. If it is a harmless study then jump on the opportunity but it is a drug experimentation, I would be kinda weary of signing up since they experiment with some of the craziest stuff! (CIA experimented with LSD to try and make people be susceptable to brainwashing before it became an Illegal hallucinogenic drug. Not making this up! Did a extensive report on brainwashing. One of the people that signed up for the study was TIMOTHY LEARY!!! That was the guy who tried to advocate LSD by saying "turn in, and tune out" or whatever in the 60s and 70s)

If it is a double blind study then they can't tell you what they will have doing specifically since the FDA requires double blind studies. All they can say is that you will be given a substance to test the effects. Nothing to really give you an idea of what they want specifically. If it is not a double blind study or even a single blind study then they are legally obligated to tell you in full what you are going to be partaking in along with all the potential risk.

Give them a call and ask then what tehy want you to do. If it is a sleep study then it will be a cake walk since all you have to do is sleep but if it is a drug experimentation then be weary. They could even have you test out medical eqiupment on you. Just call and find out.

We had a HUGE chapter about this in our psychology class and we saw countless videos pertaining to it. Some were funny and were human interation videos with dating and morals but others were crazy with controveral studies.

I can gurantee you that if it really isn't drug experimentation then you have a pretty good chance of not getting into something dangerous. The gov is pretty tight on the drugs that they test on people and create even though we do have some that slip through the cracks.(Mostly anti-depressants and pain killers since they have addictive tendancies and can lead to a high risk of suicide)

Sorry to ramble on but just give them a call and find out......

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