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Christine Said:

My Family life sucks and there is no way out I feel..?

We Answered:

First, let me say your situation is not abnormal. There are alot of extended families living together under one roof. Do you suppose all of them are perfectly happy? It's hard to live with a bunch of Chiefs and not enough indians. Your brother, your father, your mother and yourself sound like chiefs. So either figure out who the chief is and who the indians are or your need to have your chief brother move out to another teepee close by. Then you do the same...close by. Once that happens you will be surprised how living away from family (even if it was next door) can rekindle relationships

You don't sound like the "retirement home" type of son so I'm sure moving away won't prevent you from seeing them 3 to 4 times a week. Make your bro do the same.

And remember, it's NEVER that bad. You're breathing right? You have both your parents? A girlfriend? A brother you don't hate? A decent job? hmmm.

Kristen Said:

Please help my frien in her depressed situation... anybody there?

We Answered:

Yah ! Some Universities such as Vinayagar Mission in Selam, etc.,. offer such relaxability.
But be care full while choosing them bcoz there are many Universities which are not recognized by UGC.
U must persive a certificate only from an UGC recognized one.
To may knowledge itz better to complete Her Bsc somehow, later she can opt for MBA.

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