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Marketing Case Study Example

Tonya Said:

could you give me an example of how advertising is made from A to Z?

We Answered:

For the last 3 days, the car maker Chevrolet decided that they would no longer be known as "Chevy". This was a marketing decision. It turned out to be a terrible idea. No one liked it. YOu can read the start-to-finish story at ( or read the New York Times for free at the library- i don't work for them).

Ashley Said:

what is the best books for marketing ? for example, I want to start my business in IT, how to market that ?

We Answered:

Try Marketing for Dummies. It's a good starting point. Here's a link to some other books that we've used or recommend to do with starting and marketing your business -… Marketing for Dummies is on the third page.

Learn the principles of marketing and apply them to your particular business. Simply put - what do you really provide for people, who are your specific customers, who else supplies them, what makes you different from those other suppliers, how can you reach your target market?

Good luck!

Maxine Said:

How often do companies use promotioanl gifts and what for? Is it clients, propsective customers?

We Answered:

Have fun!

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