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Management Case Study

Delores Said:

what do you mean by Management buyouts? case study of failure & success of management buy outs?

We Answered:

management buyout

A management buyout (MBO) is a form of acquisition where a company's existing managers buy or acquire a large part of the company.

A classic example of an MBO involved Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, a former plant in Springfield, Missouri owned by Navistar (at that time, International Harvester) which was in danger of being closed or sold to outside parties until its managers purchased the company.

The goals of such a buyout may be to strengthen the managers' interest in the success of the company, or just as often to save their jobs (the plant may have been scheduled for simple closure, or an outside purchaser may bring in its own management team, leaving the prior managers unemployed). In most cases, the management will then take the company private.

MBOs have assumed an important role in the corporate restructurings besides mergers and acquisitions. The key considerations are the fairness to shareholders, the price, the future business plan, and legal and tax issues.

Javier Said:

What are the tools/techniques required for properly analyzing Management Case Studies?

We Answered:

check the following site for more information about Project Management and PMP Topics

Ryan Said:

Strategic Management Case study. Please solve the 2 questions after reading the paragraph ASAP. Thnks!?

We Answered:

Please do your own assignments.

Hazel Said:

i want to know deep about ashok leyland & its management, store management,case study,etc.can anyone pls help?

We Answered:

visit company internet site and you have all the details necessary.
For any specific details go to the company site and in the Help desk module you may place your query and it will be attended.
Also sites such as NSE & BSE has all the analytical data, details that one could source into.

Marion Said:

Hotel Yield Management Case Study Question.?

We Answered:

Way to go. This is one way to get your homework done with out you putting much effort on its case. But anyhow, you learn something by just getting credits from someone else. But here it goes. Revenue managemenr is being applied in this case and the prevailing rates. Accordingly, within the aspect of that, yeild management takes place. You apply the second law of economics. Farther with that in reference with you also might want to consider the pschological effect of a customer service application. He is one the best returning guest of the hotel, and you don't want to let of him, as being that, he feels he gets his way all the time. I am sure that the room management will give him advance notice for rate changes in the future. He should be given a negotiated rates that both the hotel and guest equally benefits from each other. Often times guests persist on matters like this. But room division manager should already know what will be the outcome when price is not being negotiated. Often we use our own judgement for as long as both equally benefit from each other. You want a return guest policy in tact.

Good luck.

Lois Said:

I need to do a management case study on any product failure, any website that has management case studies?

We Answered:


Don Said:

Can anyone help me with Engineering Management case Study?

We Answered:

The previous poster has a point, you need to take responsibility for you own answer. However, as you are in the process of learning, a point in the right direction wouldn't hurt, but you need to develop your own solution.

The question is a bit loaded - it is prompting you to make up a story for Al so he can get away from the meeting without being crucified. It is suggesting you make up excuses.

The one thing I will suggest you do - refer to any of your texts for responsibilites of an organization. A bit of reading goes a long way. For the case study, outline to all parties how the organization have adressed these, emphasizing the conflicts. Present a plan for adressing these areas in future.

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