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It Case Studies

Brenda Said:

why are observations and case studies so important for a aged preschool child?

We Answered:

At about less than a year, a child learns "depth perception." This means that he will know to stay away from the edge of the bed, or he will fall off.
At age 1, a child should be playing with his voice.....just we know he can hear....
by age 2, 80% of what a child says should be understood by people outside of the household.
I have a child in class, SPED, 3 years old, unintelligible, this is where he belongs, NOW.
If these studies were not done, we would not know what milestones must be met prior to school, or in fact, if there are more serious problems. Please note, this is just a drop in a huge bucket.

Yolanda Said:

Is it ethical for psychologists to publish case studies of their patients without permission from them?

We Answered:

Yes and, no. At the very least subject in a research study has to give informed consent in order to participate in a study. As part of the admission process, the description of a study, there has to be a clause stating, that the participant is willing to have the researcher, publish journal articles provided the identity of the participant is totally protected .Also in the case of videotapes, the faces of the participants must be totally obscured. If it is necessary to reveal the faces the patient must sign a consent, also

Personally I believe that as a matter of courtesy and respect if a patient asks for a copy of the
published article he should be provided with it

Hope this helps
published article he/she should be given it.Frequently researches are reluctant to do.and In my opinion

Aaron Said:

Are there any SEO case studies about the use of a third party to host content vs. hosting it yourself?

We Answered:

it is better to have the links to your web site, from all over.

i have links to my web site, mostly from my clients, and mostly on one server. those links do not provide the same link juice.

Marcus Said:

How would you explain the Illustrative Case Studies in 1 or 2 sentences?

We Answered:

Um, beats me. Try reposting this to get others answers.

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