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International Business Case Study

Cindy Said:

give me a international case studies?

We Answered:

Germany after WWI and the effect on the global market leading to WWII. Or the relationships of the Swiss bakers and the Nazi party.

Vernon Said:

how uniqueness of culture contributes to the development of products and services in the international market?

We Answered:

Twinings Tea.

Has the stamp of Royalty on it- ensures good quality, and the queens stamp means it is guaranteed by the crown. You can buy Twinings tea in USA and most countries- imported.
Unique culture= they make good tea. America is not a tea drinking country, UK is. they have drunk tea for 100's of years.

Roberta Said:

Case study on Coca-Cola.?

We Answered:

The best reference for your case study is For God, Country and Coca-Cola: The Definitive History of the Great American Soft Drink and the Company that Makes It by Mark Pendergrast.

Some quick answers:
Coca-Cola accelerated its worldwide sales after it began setting up bottling operations and franchises overseas.

Canada in 1906.
Cuba and Panama also in the early 1900s.

It was accelerated during World War II, when Coca-Cola provided the US military "mobile bottling operations" complete with "Technical Advisors" in Europe and Asia. After the war, those botting operations remained and continued to provide refreshments to the world.

Read Mark's book - it's fascinating!

Good luck on your case study!

Kristina Said:

Case Study Help: International Business.?

We Answered:

first of all, it depends on the projects taken and the area of international business venture, ie in which business the company is.Profits depend on this factor.
if the high level management is selfless in international operations and have clear cut goals, profits will rise. There needs to be a blend of technology, finance and management and company should hire experts in these fields.

Florence Said:

WHat are my chances of transferring to a good business school in the U.S.; or the University of Florida?

We Answered:

Well, UC Berkeley is going to be pretty hard for out of state students because they tend to favor California Community College transfers (same goes for UCLA) Univ Michigan is hard to get into also. Any kind of business is pretty popular over there.

I think your best shots are Penn State, FIU, Univ of Richmond, both Arizonas, UT Austin, and maybe Maryland, Boston U, USC and UNC. Your community college might have some kind of transfer guarantee with Univ of Florida, so i would suggest looking into that.

you should still apply to all of them cuz you would never know which one will accept you.

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