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Innovation Case Study

Luis Said:

need help with home work?

We Answered:

Innovation is putting the power into the hands of the people to come together in a virtual marketplace while cutting out the middleman (who is for profit) of a listing service.

competitive advantages are that it is free that you can list anything that you can put up pictures and links and be anonymous

challenges are the continued and growing use of it for illegal purposes (such as drug sales and prostitution) additionally in less developed areas it is overflowing with spam

Pearl Said:

500,000 more jobs to be lost if Net Neutrality passed by FCC - Are you ready for another wave of unemployed?

We Answered:

So you think it's a GOOD thing for companies to restrict our internet access?

Leonard Said:

what is the name of the book that speaks of "Innovation, Service, Price" as three...?

We Answered:

...."The Discipline of Market Leaders". In it, the authors argue that all market leaders, while good at every facet of business, must truly excel at one thing, divided into three categories:
- Operationally excellent (Wal-Mart)
- Product leader (Sony, Intel)
- Customer initimacy (Airborne, Home Depot)…

The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market
by Michael Treacy , Fred Wiersema

From Library Journal
Consultants and business strategists Treacy and Wiersema provide the conceptual model for companies to attain and sustain market leadership. Their plan is simple: put unmatched value (best product, best total solution, or best total cost) in the marketplace while meeting threshold standards in other dimensions of value. Making the improvement of the chosen value to customers the focus of the entire company will result in corresponding shareholder value. The authors follow up their theory with practical guidelines for constructing an appropriate operational model, and offer many examples using well-known companies. A landmark work in market strategy that goes beyond TQM principles, this volume is essential for entrepreneurs and for public, academic, and corporate libraries.

Neil Said:

Do people realize that both Obama and McCain are pushing for more government control of the economy (=bad)?

We Answered:

This is why I am voting for Ron Paul. Nice pointers.

Virginia Said:

Can you please score my SAT essay?

We Answered:


Ken Said:

Mechanical engineers: would my idea improve your skills?

We Answered:

A lot of large corporations have a similar type of Intern Programs to help introduce Juniors and Seniors in school to the various industries.
Many large corporation provide "recruitment" type of tours for juniors and seniors where take them through their operations to see what is done and how they do it.
I am all in favor of any on-the-job training. This is where the students actually learn operations.

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