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Hr Case Studies With Solutions

Joy Said:

Do i need professional help?

We Answered:

it sounds like you need to find a job for may be stressing you out right now. you can always go to may have to seek professional help to get your dad to give you some air..i have a sister that can't talk to my dad because he keeps pushing her. she lives in FL just so she's not near him. i'm a hairdresser and my dad wants to send me to school for a nurse..i pass out over what's he thinking...

Melanie Said:

Regarding Career - Change job or move from Full time to Flexi time?

We Answered:

If you posess a degree - or any extra qualification - then you'll already be ahead of the masses when it comes to searching for professions. My pal has a degree and he wasn't sure what direction to go with it, but he unearthed some good instruction on the resource in the resource box below which guided him to settle that he wanted to be a lab assistant. There is lots of guidance on the resource regarding extra professions.

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