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How To Write Case Studies

Ernest Said:

how to write a case study of a child?

We Answered:

Your instructor must have given you more information to include in the case study.

I have written many case studies, but all have been different based on the information provided.

With this said, first, get parental permission. Next, check the student file--if possible. Then, sit down with the child and chat. Finally, type up your findings.

Good Luck....

Keith Said:

How do I write a case synopsis?

We Answered:

You write it rather like a newspaper story: who, what when where why/how. I think there is actually a form that police and coroners fill in. You start with a description of the victim and then go on to cause of death.
Google murder case synopses and something might pop up. You might even find a model of a report. If you live in a small friendly town you might even visit the police station and tell them it's for school and ask what they do.

Derek Said:

If Freud lied about all of his cases, does that mean that pscyhotherapy itself is based on a lie?

We Answered:

Yes, Freud lied about almost everything. He fabricated his accomplishments and his celebrity. In addition to that, he was a cocaine addict and he had an on-going affair with his wife's sister. A complete fraud. Academia is full is gullible fools.

Pearl Said:

How to write a case brief (IRAC) Method?

We Answered:

This is a question that you need to ask your teacher so you can be absolutely certain.

My law professor actually preferred TREAT (thesis, rule, explanation, analysis, thesis/conclusion). And we were permitted to use quotes from the case. But the whole purpose of IRAC and TREAT is to teach you how to condense a court opinion from dozens of pages down to a single page - so it is counter-intuitive for you to use too many quotes.

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