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How To Write A Case Study Report

Daniel Said:

I need a case study for a Divergent Plate Boundary?

We Answered:

At a divergent plate boundary, the best example being the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, new oceanic lithosphere is forming due to the mantle convection pushing up very hot mantle material (usually basaltic at constructive plate margins).

These boundaries aren't associated with volcanoes, or earthquakes. Except for when hot spots occur along them such as in Iceland. Which is covered in many active volcanoes. For A2, you really should know this :/

Lorraine Said:

My name is Anna and I'm doing a report for school on cystic fibrosis. If anyone has CF, please write back!:-)

We Answered:

Well Anna my name is Amy, My cousin had cystic Fibrosis and we were best friends our whole childhood. We were insanely close for cousins. She died this past year in November 2 weeks after her wedding day and 3 days after her reception. The year before she had been fairly well for someone with this disease but after getting the flu she became very sick very fast. She developed phenomonia while she was on her honey moon and died shortly after in the intensive icu clinic where I live. Her life was short, only 20 years but she had many good times to follow her bad times and she loved life to the fullest even in her bad times she still stayed strong. She had a strong faith in God and knew that she would be with him when her life was over. My family has taken this insanly hard, we were all so close and her husband had moved to my state just to marry her and start a new life with her. She is missed terribly everyday and we will never forget what she went through each day just to survive.
I hope this helps you understand this disease and how it has an effect on the people that it encounters. Let me know how your report goes.

Jesus Said:

You are a professional business consultant. Write the report called for in the Mountainside Industries case?

We Answered:

My rate is 155.00 per hour. Let me know where I can send the contract for my services.

Thomas Said:

Do you know how to write an appraisal of research really quickly?

We Answered:

I am not sure but use this link and search the site. I think a template of what you seek is there.
Good luck

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