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Hospitality Case Studies

Danny Said:

what are the weaknesses and strength of cebu pacific?

We Answered:

personal experience?

They need a Lot of work on their customer service. Sometimes, they can really be rude.

Strengths?- They have new airplanes :)

Shannon Said:

Can i get Student Visa in hospitality course?

We Answered:

Yes my friend you can apply in your choosen course.but you need to explain to the visa officer why you are going to change your course.if you give a hard reason, you can get a visa but if you can,t explain then dont apply for this course. you can apply for business course.if you want come to cyprus then you can get a visa for this course.

Bryan Said:

Give me this Article>>I beg to all?

We Answered:

Welcome to the world of research. I would suggest doing your own research.

Anna Said:

Do you think australians do not treat outsiders with respect ?

We Answered:

I do not think so. Actually they have become scared of students of other countries and fear that they shall get the better jobs or ranks in their country and hence mislead.

Debra Said:


We Answered:


Jenny Said:

Can any one give me the Article?

We Answered:

Here's the problem. I would need to register on one of those sites and do not want to do that. Are you trying to get a term paper to download for school. Probably your teacher already knows about these kinds of Websites.

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