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Harvard University Case Studies

Carol Said:

Speech Tomorrow. Grammer Mistakes?

We Answered:

Im from Calgary. Great piece! That BT interview was bad. especially what happened with artsvote after....

Elaine Said:

I am thinking of studying for a MBA. What school should I apply to?

We Answered:

It really depends on what your career aspirations are. While most employers do only care that you graduate, there is some snobbishness to going to an elite school like Harvard, Wharton, or UCLA. If you want to get into the elite business club of the Northeast, your 'admission' fee is a degree from a prestigious college or university - from the East (sorry that puts UCLA out of the running). If you are anywhere else in the country, as long as you went to an Accredited university (online or traditional), thats all that matters.

Five years ago if you said you graduated from an online school, almost no one would have given your resume a second look. My how times have changed. With all of the traditional universities now going online with distant education degrees, the 'stigma' of an online degree is pretty much history. Just make sure where-ever you go, your degree is accredited.

Hope this helps.

Shannon Said:

Are my scores good for the following SAT subject tests? Should I consider retaking them?

We Answered:

Sorry, but those scores will definitely hurt you if you apply to harvard or cornell. They probably expect close to 800.

Norman Said:

Can I get into Harvard?

We Answered:

Yes, you have a chance. You seem like a strong applicant, and your SATs were pretty good (top 2%). You have strong extra curriculars, high grades, and strong clubs. I'm wondering if you played any sports and what your class rank was too. Harvard definitely worth applying to. Talk to your college counselor for a better idea because she is no doubt more experienced than anonymous users on Y!A are.

Colleges look at 9 things: GPA, SATs, Class rank (sometimes not applicable), Leadership, Community Service, Athletics, Clubs, Essay (only if your on the waiting list), and Alumni connections (only if your on the waiting list).

I know students with an unweighted GPA of a 3.5 who have gotten into Harvard and others with an unweighted GPA of 4.0 who have been rejected. Despite common misconception, having "connections" at elite colleges do help. While they don't guarantee a spot, they do guarantee that your application will be more closely looked at, especially if your on the waiting list. At most public schools, the top 10% go off to Ivy League universities (plus MIT, CalTech, Stanford, Duke) and in that, the top .5% go off to Harvard, Yale, or Princeton (usually the top 2 students per class). This will give you an idea if you have a chance. However, it really does depend on your high school. If you go to an "elite" high school or boarding school (and you'll know if you go to one of these), 20% go to Ivy League universities and 5% of those get into Harvard, Yale, or Princeton.

If you are musically or athletically gifted, your chances are substantially higher, but only if you have a promising future. All elite universities have something called the "bottom 5th" which is the bottom 5%. These students, while still very smart, do not get 4.0s in high school. They primarily get anywhere from 3.3 to 3.7. These are the football quarterbacks and soccer goalies at all of the elite colleges, or the highest annual paying alumni children.

If you have any more questions, my email is on my Y!A profile. I have a lot of experience with Ivy League Universities, so I'll be able to help you out. If you don't feel like contacting me, talk to your college counselor.

EDIT: Chandler, you cannot get 4.5s unweighted. If you take an AP course or an Honors course you can get a 5.0, but unweighted scores only go up to 4.0

Tracy Said:

Is europes infant mortality rate superiority over the USA a myth or just that we use different standards?

We Answered:

infant mortality rates are higher in the U.S. because we send more preemies to the NICU. in europe the rates "appear" lower because of how they classify babies that pass away shortly after birth, they classify them as never born. the result is a lower infant mortality rate.
don't be fooled.

its the same numbers game they play with testing scores with high school students.
our juniors and seniors are scored based on all students.
in europe, if you are going to the trades or anywhere but higher ed, you are out of the classroom and into the trade school.

Daisy Said:

Why is Greece Stealing the Macedonian History?

We Answered:

I will simply answer you: Because they occupied big part of Macedonia, near 51%. How menu Greeks took Macedonians houses and lends, from Macedonians who was killed and banished from own home, how many Macedonians children were around The World without parents? Greeks with our stolen Macedonia are more richer, Athens grow up more, because this facts they pay too much for sites on Internet, they have even Terrorist organization against Macedonia, they pay for change History, but God is Truth, Truth come not easily,but surely, don't worry. Read the book "Macedonia is everything what we have", you will see that Mr Kiro Gligorov simply say Macedonia, not Slavs Macedonia or FYROM. Macedonians everything did and do to have god relations with neighbors, we give compromise and say OK, but nothing, Alexander Macedonian respected Greeks but did they respected him? NO. And now they say Alexander was Greek?! They say for Aegean Macedonia :Real, Yes that is part of Real Macedonia. Whole Macedonia is Real. I don't need sites for this question. Greeks always post spam, but I answer same in different way, for Greeks is very easily that copy paste, but we don't reported that case, we always have respected our neighbors.

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