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Harvard Business Case Studies

Helen Said:

What are your thoughts on this analysis of McCain's healthcare plan?

We Answered:

I've not only read the article, but have met the profs from Harvard and Michigan. It worries me to no end. Not only could 20 million stand to lose their health care, but it will essentially end employer based health care as we know. Considering that people in the 25-40 year old brackets are uninsured in record numbers it could easily qualify as a true quality of life crisis within 10 years.

The other issue is that 2500-5000 tax credit which isn't set to adjust for inflation and rising costs.

Carmen Said:

Can you please help me with these economic questions?

We Answered:

3) b) an empirical investigation of the general price level and unemployment rates in the 1990's
2) b) positive, and correct
4) a) technology is fixed
6) a) complementary goods
7) b) suggests that the use of resources in any particular line of production means that alternative outputs must be forgone
8) a) An increase in the price of C will decrease the demand for complementary product D
12 b) how to use scarce resources efficiently
13) c) the maximum amounts of two goods, that can be produced assuming the full and efficient use of available resources

Carrie Said:

Can I get into Harvard Law school with this plan?

We Answered:

What you major in isn't important to Harvard or White & Case. The important thing are your grades in college and your LSAT score... Assume that to even have a chance your grades should be 3.5 or better... frankly I would see you on the bubble with grades below 3.75...

That said you might consider a degree in Economics or Philosophy, not because they would really help you later in life but because they are good training for logic and reasoning which plays a big part in the LSAT.... so you could look at your degree as a super long Kaplan course to prep you for the LSAT if your sure you want to be a lawyer.

Gertrude Said:

Can I get into a top Graduate Business School like Harvard, Yale, Wharton etc...?

We Answered:

There is not enough information. My guess is that you can get into some ranked B-School -- but not one of the top ones.

If you have four or five years of good work experience, have a 700+ on your GMAT and you went to a top 50 university in the US, then you have a shot -- if you spin your grades in the right way. You HAVE to address your grades in your admissions essay.

On the other hand, if there is anything else on your application that is less than stellar, then you have absolutely no shot at getting in to a top school. In particular, if you went to a school that is rated in the third tier or lower, if your GMAT is not over 700, if you don't have plenty of good work experience -- then you will have to settle for a second tier B-School.

Minnie Said:

What is the meaning of "E/W", in the context of enterprise valuation?

We Answered:

Earnings per worker. Used in valuations. Not the most traditional way to value an enterprise but can be useful.
Most nontraditional variables are stated early in the case study.

Have not see this particular case study, and since it is just one particular enterprise I have no plans to at this time.

Carla Said:

article was in Harvard business review about 3 years ago.?

We Answered:

In the long run the manager who had the softer approach would be much more profitable for his company. Frequent turn overs and bad safety costs would bite into a company's profits way too much.

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