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Free Case Study Examples

Susan Said:

hey i was wondering if someone could correct my essay?

We Answered:

I didn't take the time to read it because I immediately noticed the following things when scanning it:

Spelling. Spell check? There are some words that are definitely not even in the dictionary so you clearly haven't even taken a moment to check that out.

Grammar. Some of these things don't make sense. I don't know how much of it is formatting (trouble copying and pasting, I assume) and how much is actually just bad grammar, but you should read through everything out loud, slowly. Take a break from writing and go back in an hour and see what makes sense. Would other people understand what you're talking about? I didn't.

Wayne Said:

what are the advantages of the free price mechanism?

We Answered:

It provides the information buyers and sellers need to determine how much they plan to produce and how much they plan to purchase of the item subject to the price mechanism. In short, its the means by which we efficiently allocate resources to produce the right amount of the right kind of products. When a price drops too low to cover the costs of producing it, such as in the case of an obsolete technology like a telephone that must be attached to a wire, companies stop producing it and shift resources to producing cordless phones or cell phones instead. Buyers who may have a limited need for mobility, perhaps providing telephones to a bank of workstations in a call center, might be willing to buy up the remaining stock of phones at a discount, but if the price had not dropped, they would have opted instead for cordless phones.

Marion Said:

Hello.. can someone correct my grammar pls.. it's an essay for uni :)?

We Answered:

there are some case studies implementing double decking decreased fuel consumption in more than 20% (PP, 2007). (take our were)

Assuming that the average load for the company is in part due to the misused space inside the trucks, double decking could provide with extra space for optimising the payload and consequently it could also decrease the number of trucks needed.

However, this example is made under the assumptions that trucks do not carry more goods due to mis usage of space and also, that consignments are allowed.

Just a few typos here and there and a bit wordy in areas, but overall, good job! Good luck!

Zachary Said:

To what point should politicians be held accountable for their decisions?

We Answered:

If you don't like their decisions, we have a thing called an election where you can fight back.

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english grammar check said:

From the case study examples it becomes more easy for you to handle those of the circumstances in which you suffer to handle.