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Format Of Case Study

Glenn Said:

How to layout a Geography Case Study/Report/Investigation?

We Answered:

Geographers tend to use a modified version of the scientific method for reports. Section headers will vary, but will include some combination of: introduction, the problem, the question, background, hypothesis/expected results, literature review, data, methods, solutions, and conclusions. A strong thesis statement is required. Something like, "Perth and New York City have implemented different sustainable planning strategies and policies to manage urban problems and their results have varied."

The body of a comparative report can be formatted in one of two ways: all the topics relating to Perth, then all the topics relating to NYC (usually the same topics and order of presentation), OR topic A about Perth, then NYC, topic B about Perth, then NYC, etc.

Geographers also tend to use the APA format. Googling "APA format" will give you several websites with instructions and examples.

Mildred Said:

format for case studies in child development?

We Answered:

start with an introduction to the child- age, background, then talk about the childs development, split into all the areas( physical, social, emotional etc), maybe compare it to the norms and use references to back up what your saying? hope this helps :)

Joanne Said:

can any one give me proper format of a case study for the bba(bachelor of buisness administration) course.?

We Answered:

i dont get it but if u r a student solving questions on a case study, u can try this structure:
1- brief introduction ( 4 or 5 lines)
2- the answer of first question (u have to write the headline in bold)
for instance, if the question was : what are the features of ...?
the headline would be in bold:
The Features of The ...
3- and so on for the rest of the questions
4- a small conclusion ( its usually similar to the introduction but u have to write yr opinion in a sentence or two)

i hope this helps and its what u r asking for

Sam Said:

i really need help finding a medical surgical case study about 12-14 pages ap format with a defined diagnosis,

We Answered:

Yes!!! I understand, honey. It's a bit*ch on wheels! I can give you what I did in school; that is the basics cause it's been a while. I'd advise you to do it on something you know about. My Dad has BPH (prostate) and I was able to just "tell a story" about how he progressed and his symptoms. I KNOW there is someone around who would be more than happy to tell you their present/past health problems; and give you meds and diets and probably even a urine specimen if you want it! Here is some advice; don't over complicate it and it will go just fine. Hey, you can do this standing on your head if you find a good "patient"! Godloveya.

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review of the literature said:

This is considered to be so important element a part from your case study and towards your writing that if you remain able to choose the best format then there will be chances for you to go ahead and examine out more of the required principles.