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Financial Management Case Studies

Shane Said:


We Answered:

My question to you is: What do you do now, or in the past, that a degree would significantly help you in? Is this a complete career change move?
My advice is: if you have experience in something and want to bolster that career, stick with a degree closely related to that field. If this is a complete career change than go with what your heart tells you. Entering in college with a degree path does not mean you have to finish college on that same path.
Your right in considering your career opportunities after college. But i would stick with what you have the most passion for because employers can sense that - you can sense that - and a college degree is meant for following a career path you desire.
Good luck.

Priscilla Said:


We Answered:

If I were in your shoes, I think I'd look for an online or independent study program in hotel management/hospitalitiy, then look for jobs that I want--sports related or otherwise. (While education is NEVER a bad investment, experience typically counts more than credentials.) USD150k may not last for 3 years at NYU. good luck.

Bill Said:

Can some one help me out with my financial aid appeal letter with grammar errors and puctuation please?

We Answered:

Dear Office of Student Financial Aid,

My name is Adriana Mayeli Mendoza and I am writing to ask you to appeal my suspension of financial aid. The academic year for 2007-2008 was very overwhelming and stressful because my mother was in the hospital for a few weeks, then doctors decided to take her back to the hospital for more examinations that took months, since the doctors could not figure out my mother’s sickness. I wanted to be in my moms appointments scheduled not only for translation, but my mother has been my right hand since I was born. Without my mother, I would not be where I am today, I wanted to give her my time as well and tell her that everything is going to be fine. I am thankful that my mother is still alive and I want her to live so that she can see me graduate and obtain my degree in Behavioral Science.
I will get back in track, I do realize that I neglected my studies and I would like another chance to do better in them, I was not able to focus the past year and I was unable to meet the school standards for the units that are required, which led my grade point average down to a 1.91. I have compiled a list of steps I need to take in order to be successful in school. My goals for the fall quarter are to get involved with school. I will take advantage of Educational Opportunity Program for their tutoring and will be attending it for an hour in every four-unit course I am taking. I will meet my department advisor and turn in mid-term progress reports. In addition, since most of my general education courses are done with I will be taking my major classes only and I will spend office hours with my professors discussing how I can improve my grades. Also, I will continue to work on my time management to balance out my family and study time. I will attend my classes and notify my professors ahead of time about what should be done in case of an emergency coming up. Another thing is to keep in touch with professors Phillis Englert and Fernando Parra to discuss internships for the upcoming year. I have determination to finish school and graduate within one to two years. I have gone through three years of college and I don’t want to stop here. I want to go on and change other people’s lives by letting them know the adventurous experience I had in Cal Poly Pomona and continue to teach other students to be successful.

If I do not get help from financial aid, I will not be able to attend school and provide the resources and skills I have gained during my four to five years in Cal Poly Pomona. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is to me. Please allow me the opportunity to continue receiving financial aid and carry on with my education and go on with my mission to advance within the field of public policy or other relevant public service positions, in order to reach my dream and obtain my degree financial aid is necessary.

Adriana M. Mendoza

Juanita Said:


We Answered:

That is a task that has been set for YOU to do.
It is very long, very boring and very complicated.
I doubt that anyone will be interested in doing it for you.

Terry Said:


We Answered:

Go for it. You either will be five years older with a degree and a fantastic new career, or you will be five years older and still stuck. Many US colleges have excellent programs similar to the ones you noticed, and living in the Midwest, for instance, would be so much less expensive than living on the east coast. Look around, and good luck to you!

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