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Financial Case Studies

Tommy Said:

Financial Intelligence Analyst Studies?

We Answered:

I don't agree that this field is boring, but an MS in Finance and possibly some interdisciplinary program might be the way to go. Since the FBI and the SEC hire many of these people (also possibly the GAO in Washington), I would look for the background of people who are employed there--even check the job openings. OPM for the feds would also be a source (Office of Personnel Management).

Danny Said:

case studies and short question answers for PS146?

We Answered:

If only there was a question here... I could guess.

Nora Said:

Anyone familiar with college management class..intro to business...doing case studies?

We Answered:

A case study is just a big SWOT analysis. Those questions that you are supposed to respond to are just overly lengthy descriptions of SWOT analysis, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. The Strengths and Weaknesses are the internal components, which means they are within the company and should be under the company's control. Opportunities and Threats are the external components which the company must recognize so that they can exploit the opportunities and minimize the effects of the threats (relating to the marketplace, industry, economy, laws and other such "external" factors).

Whenever you do a case study you're first thought should be SWOT analysis - make a page for each letter and start listing out the items that fit each category for that company. Strengths should always be core competencies (things the company does well that most other companies have trouble doing) and the competitive advantage (something unique to the company that no other company can do or has). These can be based on people, procedure or products.

Once you have your SWOT outlined, go back and find proof to substantiate your claims that those really are strengths, weaknesses, etc. Once you have that outlined and everything clearly defined and explained then add your input and recommendations for the company. Bring in what the company already has and what the company could easily obtain in your recommendations. Also try to add one thing that is very creative as a solution/recommendation that those in the company may not be aware of because of their limited focus. For example, Dove (the body lotion company) could have been so focused on making beauty products that they could have spent money on improving their formula, but they launched an ad campaign to promote self-esteem and set their products apart as being used for hygienic reason instead of beauty reasons. This was an opportunity that most lotion companies would not see.

This technique can be used for all case studies. Good luck.

Evelyn Said:

Could I get financial aid or a load in this case?

We Answered:

You can get private loans and scholarships. But the federal and state governments are not going to give you a dime.

You COULD try doing an exchange program... so if you get a good financial aid package in the US, you can go to another school in Mexico on your regular financial aid package. That's what I did! Granted, it's not the whole 4 years, but it's something.

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