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Financial Accounting Case Study

Danny Said:

I need Financial accounting suwardy understanding financial statements, urgent!!!?

We Answered:

Quit committing fraud. Do the work as you should. Explain why you could not. Or man up and take your F. No body wants a cheat in their class.

Tonya Said:

how to learn financial accounting in one day?

We Answered:

The best way is to intern in a company. Here you will a list of your local companies that provide some day service. They help a lot.

Claire Said:

Will the U.S. change to IFRS Accounting?

We Answered:

You will probably end up studying both because: 1) the phase-in is expected to be more in the years 2014-2016, and 2) most universities won't be prepared to teach IFRS until 2011. I work for a British company here in the U.S. and we use both reporting methods. It is very helpful having experience in both. What you don't learn in school, you will learn on the job (trust me, you will learn more in two years on the job than you will in 4 years in college). Plus, knowing IFRS will make you more "marketable" when it comes time to look for a job. If you can, take advantage on internships as these will give you an edge in experience over other grads.

Christina Said:

Urgent!! Homework Help in Financial Accounting (find Expert) Many thanks!?

We Answered:

May be you can contact a homework helper at website like .

Gail Said:

How do you figure out how much money an emergency fund should have?

We Answered:

I have and tell people to have enough liquid, readily available cash to pay your expenses for six months.

Mutual funds--not liquid. Checking/Savings --liquid. Money Market--liquid. Certificates of deposit--Not liquid.

Think of liquid as being guaranteed available without substantial penalty or loss of capital equity.

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