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Example Of Case Study

Jane Said:

example of case study in organizational behavior?

We Answered:

Organizational studies encompasses the study of organizations from multiple viewpoints, methods, and levels of analysis. For instance, one textbook (Marvin Ssentongo & Cunliffe, A., 2006) divides these multiple viewpoints into three perspectives: modern, symbolic, and postmodern. Another traditional distinction, present especially in American academia, is between the study of "micro" organizational behavior -- which refers to individual and group dynamics in an organizational setting -- and "macro" organizational theory which studies whole organizations, how they adapt, and the strategies and structures that guide them. To this distinction, some scholars have added an interest in "meso" -- primarily interested in power, culture, and the networks of individuals and units in organizations -- and "field" level analysis which study how whole populations of organizations interact. In Europe these distinctions do exist as well, but are more rarely reflected in departmental divisions

Adam Said:

Case study example of ethics discussion relating to 4 recipients for a heart donation. High School Based.?

We Answered:

Well, ethics is an easier topic to speak about than type about, here are some examples of ethics...…

Mattie Said:

What is a case study (example) of when Greed has been Good?

We Answered:

Columbus expedition that found America.

Widespread adoption of cars, electricity and TV's.

Invention of Windows and this website.

Cindy Said:

Can somebody give me a case study for homosexual discrimination?

We Answered:

I was fired from my job (from the Gap of all places) because my boss did not like gay people. She was able to get rid of me by me coming in late one day and she told her boss that I was late three times in a row and that is why I was let go.

If you need like case studies that have been in the news, e-mail me and I can give you some examples.

Bruce Said:

What are the ethics of book publishing? Any example case studies on the web I can read?

We Answered:

The quetion is a bit vague. do you mean vanity publishing or a publishing house. the common rrp on a book is constituted of about 35% for the bookseller, 30% publisher, and after printing, distribution costs something like 15% author(THAT PART IS AN ESTIMATE). You may think thats not much but when you factor in sale or return and overheads for the stores themselves its a lot to take on board.I assume thats what you meant about ethics is not over undercharging the other aspects of your clinetele

Brenda Said:

Twenty First Century Science Case Study Example?

We Answered:

This question is unfortunately fundamentally flawed. The young people in the question posed are basically youth today, the effects of mobile phones cannot be observed in their later life, so you have no statistics or data to put forwards as arguments.

The only thing you can look at is the power of the transmitter of the mobile phone, and compare that with microwaves sources that are know to have adverse effects.

There is also another health related problem with the increased use of mobile phones, which is less obvious. Because every teenager has a phone, it reduces the distance between them, they no longer have go down the street or something to see their friends. This will in the long run will add to the increasing obesity problem.

I hope this has pointed you in the direction. To be honest the question you've been set is rubbish.

Rose Said:

Case study as on incident of violation of consumer rights?

We Answered:

Cas Study of Violation of Consumer Rights:
On the 26 March 2004 the Court of Pervomaiskii District has heard the claim of Ilya Krachina, one of the owners of the internet resourse APAGAY (Belarusian web-site for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals against the foreign company Red Graphic systems.

The basis of the claim of the owner of Ilya Krachina was his belief that Red Graphic systems has violated the consumer rights guaranteed by the Act of the Republic of Belarus of 9th January 2002 "On Protection of Consumer Rights". And that it has violated Article 34 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, which guarantees the right of citizens to distribute and obtain information.

During the Court Hearing the representative of Red Graphic Systems assured the Plaintiff and the Court that "the company does not pursue the policy of deliberate preventing Belarusian gays and lesbians from entering internet space and therefore it is not appropriate to claim discrimination by Belarusian internet on the grounds of sexual orientation".

During the Court Hearing the Parties reached a Peace Agreement the main conditions of which are the following:

- Red Graphic Systems is obliged to observe all the terms and conditions of the agreement in relation to displaying banners in the period of three days after the Peace Agreement comes in force.

- Together with the peace agreement the Parties are to sign an agreement on displaying banners of in RED.BY net.

- In the period of three days Red Graphic Systems is to forward to the Plaintiff a written confirmation of their position not to discriminate sexual minorities internet resource

- The Plaintiff is to fully withdraw his claim against the Respondent.

Taking into account that the conditions of the Peace Agreement were agreed by the Parties as a result of a compromise and these conditions do not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Court has ruled to approve the Peace Agreement. Therefore after the period legally allowed for an appeal the mentioned Peace Agreement will come in force as a court ruling.

After signing the agreement on banners exchange with Red Graphic Systems the owner of the internet resource APAGAY expressed his hope that the Peace Agreement and the above mentioned agreement will give sexual minorities internet resources a full access to Belarusian internet space. Needless to say that such an access means the content of the sites being in accordance with the current legislation of Belarus (in particular concerning prohibition of promotion of pornography, cult of violence and cruelty).

In January 2004 the National Hosting Company N1.BY of which Red Graphic systems is a cofounder refused its services.

The owner of made a written request to sign an agreement on provision of hosting services which were paid for..
The condition of the agreement is that it comes in force on the date of payment for services.

However the account APAGAY.N1.BY was not activated in the client's zone in the world wide web at the address

In his claim Ilya Krachina asked the Court to make the Respondent provide the services in accordance with the agreement on hosting services and to provide technical registration of domain names on the condition of a public offer and to pay 200, 000 roubles as a material compensation for moral damages.

Earlier in 2003 the system administrator of "Krassnaya Banernaya" RED.BY of which Red Graphic systems is a cofounder banned the portal APAGAY from banners exchange.

Belarusian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual site APAGAY was founded in 1998. At the moment besides gay news it offers its users a wide range of free services such as fast chat, dating service, electronic mail, personal photo albums. The portal APAGAY is one of the ten most visited sites in Belarus. Its monthly audience is over 350, 000 people.

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