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Example Of Case Studies

Bradley Said:

What would you consider a good demonstrator of Intelligence training?

We Answered:

I have no idea where you would find case studies. Is this for an AIT class?

AIT is a bit of a joke.Training is nothing compared to experience. Training just teaches you a few tools, and if you're like most people, it teaches you outdated tools. You have to go learn new ones on the job. :)

A competent analyst can handle multiple priorities at once, said priorities shifting and changing from day to day, buggy software, mathematically impossible deadlines, difficult bosses, obtuse customers, several phones ringing at once, and complex problems requiring several steps to solve. An analyst has to keep track of what he or she has just done, and what should come next (while answering several different phones.) He or she has to be willing to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and to plug in data holes with reasonable and supportable explanations. A good analyst operates seamlessly as a member of a team. He or she doesn't have to be told what to do, it's obvious what needs done, and he or she DOES it. The true demonstration that an analyst can perform the job: RESULTS.

And you don't get that good from AIT. You learn it on the job, with lives literally on the line. Which is a good motivator for success, actually.

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