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Economic Case Studies

Samantha Said:

European Union - 3 Case Studies Needed?

We Answered:

They ar supposed to but they don't , that's why you have found nothing .

Howard Said:

im doing a case study at school and its about a persons socio economic, what does that mean?

We Answered:

its basically how the money we have, and things we have eg cars mobile phones etc have an impact on our lives and how our parents status affects our education and makes a bearing on our education choices. the more you have the more status you have or some thing like that, cant actually remember to be honest, but i think its something along those lines.

Virginia Said:

How have patterns of trade hindered economic progress in LEDCs?

We Answered:

these are not patterns of trade, those are barriers to trade.

They prevent poor countries from making money by selling stuff to rich countries,
and they hurt consumers in rich countries through high prices,
but they benefit the farmers in rich countries who use their political weight to get those barriers.

Shirley Said:

I have a case study about economic below,hope you all can help me~?

We Answered:

1. The statement is incorrect. Because organic and sprayed apples are substitutes for each other, we would expect the demand for organic to increase with the alar scare. With the demand shift, price and quantity both rose. The law of demand was not violated, because there was a change in demand itself (rather than quantity demanded).

2. In the market for organic apples, the demand curve shifted to the right (assuming no change to supply curve, P and Q both increase). The demand curve for non-organic apples shifted to the left.

3. I would expect demand for other fruit (as long as they weren't alar-treated) to increase, as other fruits are substitutes for apples.

Sandra Said:

Help with Economic Engineering - Leland Blank 6th Edition?

We Answered:

Yes, so in english just is in another page. It's always been like that and will very likely always remain be that way, too

Alfredo Said:

how does economic factors contribute to human right abuses? i'm doing a case study on iran (see detail)?

We Answered:

I think it would have to do with wealth distribution or wealth gap.

Countries with large gaps between the rich and the poor tend to be more abusive.

Countries with a large middle class are better off as a whole.

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