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Define Case Study

Greg Said:

Case Study about a guy that went in to get help.?

We Answered:


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Antonio Said:

Case Study: Need Help :) Anything you can help with would be great!?

We Answered:

1. It sounds like Devan has a ADHD or ADD problem. He could have autism as well. All of these problems include the above situations,as all of these cases involve the individual being in their own world.

2. I think that with the fact that he was receiving too much attention, he enjoyed the attention so he was not paying any attention to what was being asked of him. It could be that the parents at home are not disciplining him enough for the problems that he is facing, and/or they are giving into him everytime that there are problems that are being raised.

3) An individual education plan would be a good idea in this case. It helps bring both the parents and the teachers onto the same page with what is happening and what could be some of the strategies or tools that could be used to make sur that this behavior does not manifest again.

4) There are many concerns that I would like to have addressed with what he is demonstrating.
a) The lack of awareness of what is happening in his spatial surroundings.
b) The lack of discipline of set guidelines and rules to follow
c) The lack of socialization with the other students
d) The actual behavior and skills that are needing to be practiced.

The following things I would suggest in an IEP (Individual Eduation Plan)

- Strict guidelines and rules to be followed with the use of positive and negative reinforcers such as:
-- If you don't do this, you won't have play time
-- If you don't play nice you will be sitting in the corner
--If you do this well, I will give you some more time to play etc.

--Encouragement of socialization with other students his age. Make some time for him to play with other children and learn how to engage in such activities.

--Find activities that practice his fine and gross motor skills, and activities that are not so easy for him to ignore what is going on, and allowing him to challenge himself.

5. He would continue doing what he was doing, and not listen to the fact that it was time to get ready for the bus. Another thing is that the teacher was spending too much time with him explaining things to do to him, and didn't give him anytime to think on his own two feet.

The suggestion that I have, is that he should be under the direction of a special education assistant that helps promote positive behavior and strategies in him, and encourages him to eliminate the behavior that is being presented.

I believe that positive reinforcers and negative reinforcers should be used in this case.

Anita Said:

How do you best define a case study? Thanks?

We Answered:

in-depth description and analysis.

Joy Said:

In a case study of criminalized behaviors, how do you define someone criminally insane?

We Answered:

I personally believe its concept invented by liberal lawyers to get their evil clients either time off their sentences, cushier surroundings for their imprisonment (the puzzle factory as opposed to general population where they will be raped and or murdered) or to get them off the death penalty, its one more way to pervert the course of justice in society that being to execute bad people who commit unspeakable if not evil acts then want to play the law game, its offensive to the victims/ families of the perpetrators and it makes the law system seem a joke when men gets 20 years for murdering someone then gets time off for good behavior and can come out in 10 years and still have the life to start over again, unfortunate that the victim in many cases does not have such a luxury.

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