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Counselling Case Studies

Toni Said:

For a paper in Counselling Psychology - How do you refer to somebody, without mentioning their name?

We Answered:

participant, or subject a, b, c if you have more than one. hope this helps

Claire Said:

How did consumer credit counselors become a mandatory part of the bankruptcy process?

We Answered:

Apparently it was the credit CARD industry rather than the credit COUNSELING industry that got this requirement into the 2005 bankruptcy reform law.

The credit CARD industry (erroneously) painted a picture of people who file bankruptcy as irresponsible and lacking in financial management skills. (Actually, most people who file bankruptcy have recently experienced one of the following problems: illness, job loss, disability or divorce.)

Here is an interesting article by a bankruptcy attorney that touches on this topic:…

Patsy Said:

Which is the latest famous case of incest?

We Answered:

This is concerning the approaching trial for an incest case:

Prosecutors say Fritzl has confessed to holding his daughter captive in a cell beneath his apartment in the town of Amstetten, west of Vienna.

Authorities say DNA tests have confirmed Fritzl is the father of six of his daughter's children. Fritzl has said he tossed the body of the seventh into a furnace after it died in infancy.…

Did you see the one about the 11 year old Romanian pregnant girl who was raped by her uncle?…

Daryl Said:

how do i tell my counsellor i don't want to continue?

We Answered:

Just stop going or tell her you'll call to make the next appointment and never call.

Naomi Said:

career Shift crisis! help wanted!?

We Answered:

get in with the goverment. I have a dgree in biology and I'd shoot my brains out if I had to work at a hospital or something lame. I get to do state of the art research in a state of the art facility with really smart people. There's 2 methods. 1) get an internship with the governement. There are orginzations such as ORISE or SQL that you should look in to. 2) Check out and find a job there. It's going to be quite competetive as most of these jobs are written for other people, but with a bachelors you can apply for a GS-5 or maybe even GS-7. Good Luck.

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