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Counseling Case Study Example

Kevin Said:

Pursuing a Masters in Social Work in Europe?

We Answered:

Hi Miamor,

If you are looking to work as a psychiatric social worker, for example, you will have to ensure you can be licensed and work with a MSW from a foreign country. Should you not be able to work or only certain countries will be accepted it will limit your options. Therefore your first step should be to check with licensing agency in the state that you want to work to see if there are any rules about foreign social work degrees.

Another issue for you to consider is funding. In the UK for example you would most likely be considered a foreign student which means you are not eligible for student aid from the government. Also you would have to have, at a bare minimum based on current exchange rates, $25,000 per year. This figure does not take into account any variation in tuition rates, incidental expenses, Tier 4 student visa application fee, or traveling back to the US which means the figure can be quite higher.

Finally my advice would be before considering studying in another country investigate the effects that it may have for you and the total cost for you including the cost of having to take any additional classes once you arrive back in the US. My own personal feeling is the idea of studying abroad might seem appealing but the cost may be too high for you.

Marvin Said:

I need a Priest to help me with a problem with my Confirmation PLEASE?

We Answered:

Go with a loving, Christ centered, Bible based church who have Jesus Christ love for all of his children leading the church! (Not complex, complicated judgmental authority!) Want a Catholic type church that is caring, open, compassionate? Try Episcopal! Best of luck!

Emily Said:

Wife seems tired after 17 years of marriage?

We Answered:

after 17 years of marriage, both need to see back and see what? make you guys be together, so, try to safe your marriage, get vacations, just you and her, i hope you be longer

Ann Said:

A good question was removed: Can the "religious extremist" be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disoder?

We Answered:

Sure it can. Haven't you seen Mr. 1 Corinthians 13: 34, 35?

Guy Said:

Would a Moslem Re-Education Trust be Helpful?

We Answered:

I agree that people should not be taught to be bias toward others and thereby become suicide bombers, however asking one hemisphere to police another is only going to cause world war 3.

We have no more right to whats under their soil then they do ours, so how can you call the oil up for grabs? I agree that the many princes should not claim it, but the money from the oil belongs to the people who live there, not the USA or Great Britain.

I am very concerned that you seem to think there can be any justification in invading and changing a cultures beliefs or forcing them to get on the western band wagon. When they try to do it to us everyone is like "kill um!" yet you seem to say we have the right to change them. If we continue on that path we can expect retaliation.

So I guess I think that providing the opportunity for refuge and education would be a really good thing. Actually I think that would fit nicely into America's Declaration of Independence. But to go over, arrest the existing government (even though they are bad by our standards) and force education on the people would make us the terrorists. Its about offering freedom of choice and allowing people to have the benefit of the work they do, not controlling people who are not even citizens of our respective nations.

Just remember that we can't police the world or try to enforce a world wide moral code. We need to respect the soveriegnty of every nation, whether or not we like them. If we think they are bad then we need to offer refuge, not treat the citizens like criminals because their government sucks. That will only cause animosity from the people and give them reason to believe that we really are as bad as their governments say.

So good intention but wrong action. We cannot expect people to respect us if we don't respect them. Invading and taking their natural resorces, no matter how we use the money, is a blantant missuse of power and will result in rebellion.

Jared Said:

Jehovah's Witnesses: Why is associating with disfellowshipped family a Disfellowshipping offense?

We Answered:

Opposers will ALWAYS reveal that they value their family relations higher than their relationship with God.

That is why they come down so hard AGAINST the disfellowshipping arrangement, which is completely scriptural and FROM GOD, no less........and try and twist things around so that those who do apply the scriptural directive to disfellowship unrepentant are portrayed as being the bad ones.

It really reveals the truthfulness of the fact that Satan blinds the minds of the unbelievers. They're so blind they can't even see the absurdity of their arguments.

* Or it could be because Rustic is in a toxic cult. Just a thought.

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