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Clinical Case Studies

Stella Said:

Can anyone help with clinical case study due tomorrow?

We Answered:

Could just be an allergy. Her thighs, she had shorts on and sat places like benches, maybe horseback riding.
Could be heat. She has no other symtoms, could just be dry skin and needs olive oil on it or aloe vera gel.

Marjorie Said:

Are you interested in the study of the dermatological diseases? Do you have some clinical case?

We Answered:

I am interested in anything to do with dogs. Way back I had a VERY itchy dog, I failed to resolve this. She was a fantastic dog and dropped dead at my feet when she was aged six. I had asked the vet to check her thyroid and later found that she had failed to do so. There must have been an underlining problem; however she was energetic and playful until five minutes before she died.

My present dog HAD furunculosis (anal gland fistulas) which is considered to be a dermatological problem. I am putting this is the past tense, because if it was caused by diseased anal glands it's curable and she has either been cured or she is in remission. She has been OK since November 2007; I am on my knees whilst typing.

I have studied diets and I am now firmly convinced that numerous dermatological and digestive problems are diet related. Regrettably my dogs did not like a raw diet. However I am now convinced that if grain, dairy food, beef and its derivatives are omitted from our dog’s diets that they will have fewer dermatological problems. My dog now has a grain free diet and I am convinced that this has helped. However I would prefer to feed her a raw diet.

I consulted a dermatologist about my present dog and the dog that died. Most vets are anti raw food and the stuff which they recommend (sell) has a high grain content.

Dermatologists are consultants who only see dogs on referral. Every appointment is hugely expensive and I don’t think that they ever consider that diets are attributable to skin problems. I am convinced that raw diets and grain free food will help with a large % of our dog’s problems.

Melinda Said:

Case study assignment?

We Answered:

Consult a doctor

Anita Said:

Clinical Case Study- Urinary System Help?

We Answered:

The more cephalad of the wounds could have injured the kidney itself (depending on angle of the wound track), the lower would be more likely to injure the ureter. One must always remember that a few people are born with a single kidney, the removal of which would require dialysis, or renal transplant.

Sonia Said:

how to analyze or answer a clinical case study about the articulation?

We Answered:

Do you mean articulation? Articulation means to think of a word to best describe what you mean.
It is not in any way clinical.
Do you mean circulation? This is the way in which blood flows around the body. It would make more sense.
Confirm what you mean and I will help you :)

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