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Child Case Study

Byron Said:

Child Neglect case study - Please help!!?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Sheila Said:

Anyone know a particular child labour case study?

We Answered:

Search for it surely u will get.

Maxine Said:

Psychology Child Case Study?

We Answered:

look in childcare and education books-it will say what a 10 year old child should be able to do.

be careful what websites you use as you will have to reference them-you are far better off with books/journals

Wade Said:

case history of deaf child case study of deaf child 2-role of speech theripist?

We Answered:

Um... do your own homework?

Here's some sites to get you started:

Social welfare/worker job description (family links to community resources, coordination of in-school and community resources):…
Audiologist job description:
Speech therapist job description:…

Case study samples:………

Craig Said:

where can i find a child abuse case study ?

We Answered:


Lawrence Said:

deaf child - case study?

We Answered:

Watch "Sound and Fury." Its a documentary about the deaf community and cochlear implants. Very interesting.

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