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Change Management Case Study

Brad Said:

AQA Geography AS Level Case Studies?

We Answered:

the internet......

or you could try looking on some national heratige websites

or look on newpaper websites from different coastal areas!!!

Hope this helps

Samantha Said:

we have a take home exam regarding case study bout management,heres d case goes...?

We Answered:

Don is not a good manager. A good manager understands the capacity of his subordinate and plan accordingly. Don has to learn to priortize and to say "no" positively. If he knows he cant say that, he may try initiating some automated system or a calendar system. A specified system can help with his management. For example, he may sign Serive Level Agreements with other units/ departments which will be strictly followed. he may demand that he will have to be requisitioned for a job at least 7 days ahead. once his calender is booked, he cannot take any more job .. etc etc.

employees need to be motivated to work effectively. a work environment like this has rare chance for that and so it has to be improved. employees can be assigned with projects and guidelines may be followed like, before a project is accomplished, one employee cannot be involved in another project.

Now these are just some operational ideas. Associate related theories and solve the case yourself.

Good luck!

Viola Said:

CASE STUDY # 1:Steel Specialties has been in business for 52 years. The company maintains a perpetual?

We Answered:

Are you kidding? You want yahoo answers to do an entire homework assignment. Do the work yourself - you might learn something.

Bill Said:

Can you summarize this reading below in your own words?

We Answered:

Insurance companies and employers are focusing on certain chronic illness in an attempt to gather physicians that have proven themselves in being proactive and well educated in handling patients with that disease. In the office I work in my physicians pull charts on patients with these chronic illness' (diabetes, COPD, CHF) and the insurance companies will check certain indicators (labs, foot exams, eye doc visits, education, etc) and if we pass on effectively handling our patients then we are listed with that company as being accredited in handling those diseases. The only way the physicians are able to practice like this is that they are being paid according to the diagnosis of these patients, not the actual visits. The sicker or higher risk the patient, the more the doctor will get.
Employers are seeking insurance companies that are doing this because it is more cost effective to effectively manage a disease than it is for the patient to wait until their symptoms are far gone.

Annette Said:

Could someone Please help on this very hard case study?

We Answered:

You have got to be joking! Who, in their right mind, can be bothered to read all that????

Dean Said:


We Answered:

This is special education for those who have additional needs. Your question would be better posted in a different category.

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