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Case Study Write Up

Darrell Said:

I am writing a case study on divorce and how it is affecting the child. how do I write this up?

We Answered:

Um, So basic. What are you studying at university anyway.

Brent Said:

A Vet Tech to-be in need of good websites for case studies?

We Answered:

Here are some helpful sites:………

Hope this helps!

Karl Said:


We Answered:

Wow, that's a large subject, and one that I can't answer adequately here. But you would probably want to include the potential problems that might be associated with using GFP, since the positive aspects are fairly well known. But does the conjugated moiety containing the GFP behave and act as the native moiety, or does the presence of the GFP alter that?

Freddie Said:

Writing up of a case study; help me out if you can please.?

We Answered:

An abstract should essentially summarize the entire case study. It can have a sentence or two of background info from your introduction. A very brief description of the study/how you did it. It should also contain your results. It shouldn't EXPLAIN your results though. Again, it should summarize your case study with the most important information without explaining the information.

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