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Case Study On Stress

Hazel Said:

Abnormal Psych: Case Study?

We Answered:

At first glance one might think "Mood Disorder Due to a General Medical Condition With Depressive Features" however it is not clear that the HIV is the "direct physiological consequence of a general medical condition [HIV]" so I think that rules that out.

I think the best diagnosis would be "Adjustment Disorder With Mixed Anxiety and Depressed Mood" (code 309.28)

To sum up the criteria:
A. Onset within three months of stressor (getting diagnosed with HIV)
B. clinically significant distress and some possible social impairment
C. Does not appear to match other Axis I disorder nor an exacerbation of one.
D. This is not a bereavement situation.
E. Cannot be determined, as the condition HIV is chronic.

You double-pasted your case study by the way. No biggie. Hope this was helpful to you.

Leah Said:

What will you focus on if you were told to do a case study on teachers.?

We Answered:

I would suggest something about parents.
I'll tell you that as a teacher that is the HARDEST part. It's not usually taught to you in teacher school. If anything, you walk away from your teacher prep program believing that you need to bend over backwards and often there are just really difficult parents that cross boundaries and make teacher's lives a living He*%! I would maybe pair that with the benefits of having parent involvement.

Frank Said:

Sociology Case Study on Elderly People?

We Answered:

uhm.. why dont you try to visit a elderly peoples home
the places where they put them away into nursing homes and what not]
im sure you can get in there by saying you want your granparents there and wanna see that place for yourself then u could actually get a feel for it all. thats also another idea just searching diffrent nursing homes uhm..what about your grandparents ask them about the people they went to school with search them...

Armando Said:

Im a case study-Mental Health @ a renown University-Do Scientist There Secretly Hope I Do Go Insane 2 Study Me

We Answered:

Sounds like you have lived through most of life's man made tragedies. I noticed one thing missing which I think fits in with the rest is drug addiction, specifically heroin. This is what is currently haunting my life. Anyway, I think its interesting that these scientists are studying you and if I was you I would be interested to hear their non-bias results about the current state of your psychi. I wouldn't think that they would want you to fail, im sure they have enough subjects they can study who do fail. Im sure that they would be pleased to know that they are helping you through their knowledge about you and your psychi. Also, you should be pleased to know that you are helping a greater number of people because of the information you are providing which could help the greater good. If you see it this way, everyone wins. Hope this helps! Im always here to help you and I see the positive side of any situation.

Tonya Said:

starvation effects. case study.?

We Answered:

I have heard of this being done, however in some rare cases the girl DID go on to develop an eating disorder. So please make sure the girls are monitored closely, and even are monitored for a little while after the experiment.

I have had an eating disorder for over 10 years. I am dizzy all the time. I constantly feel weak and exhausted. Sometimes, my heart literally hurts. I get frequent headaches. I am always FREEZING cold. My hair is falling out and my skin is dry. Because I am so hungry, the thought of food and different foods I wish I could have takes over my thoughts. I seem distracted and can't concentrate. My memory is horrible. However, I am not sure if the girls will experience all this. I have been anorexic on and off since I was 9, and sometimes throw up. But I believe that after about 2 weeks of starvation, they will experience most, if not all, of what I just explained.

Good Luck with the experiment! Feel free to email me with any further questions.

Ramon Said:

Are you knowledgeable in Anatomy, Medicine, or Diseases? If so PLEASE help with CASE STUDY.?

We Answered:

1 and 2 are right
for 3, the only thing id add is that aldosterone does impact your kidneys filtering ability and you can see a drop in bun with that
4. your talking about two things

a) low blood sugar-which comes from low cortisol production by adrenals leading to fatigue and depression
b)low blood volume- which comes from low aldosterone, which you mentioned

you didnt mention low sex drive(men and women), and problems with mentruation(women) and pregancy(women;
the adrenal gland has 3 layers(GFR)
zona glomerulosa - outermost zone-makes aldosterone
zona fasiculata -, middle zone,makes cortisol
zona reticularis - thin, inner zone makes sex hormone

the mnemonic i like to remember this is: the deeper you go the sweeter it gets, think about sex

fyi,name a famous person with addisons? jfk

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