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Case Study On Rural Marketing

Kyle Said:


We Answered:

Q1 - children - because it is the amusement attractions that bring them there - thereby encouraging older people to spend the day there as well

Q2 - critical - if people can get refreshments etc where they and their family are enjoying themselves they will keep coming back

Allen Said:

Plz rate, and PLZ PLZ make it grammatically correct....plz plz*1000...?

We Answered:

1. bills stuck on walls... advertisement on television...we see advertisements....throughout the country
2. popular advertisements are the ones that we has a deep impact on everyone's mind (omit adult to children) ..but did aishwarya or katrina become popular by using lux..according to them omit 'world will be at ur feet')..omit 'what a rubbish' ....
3. And the posters . they are...than the human...on earth....where they are not present?...poles, at the back of different vehicles...this just makes the city,...but the bigger..these are ...mostly full of...
4. Still these two modes of advertising are better than the third one... loudspeakers
omit 'radio...means')..they not only deceive people but also create sound pollution... say that this noise just makes...
5.have a brighter side...they inform us.. products...and their..but the fact is that only the attractive features of the product is shown...government has ..change in people's perception,their old thoughts...,and that is to use....Think before...

I liked your essay but you definitely need to improve your grammar. Hope i helped you a little bit. All the best!
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Randy Said:

why we can not use railway corridors to generate 'artificial land' ,and earn additional revenues?

We Answered:

well :)

that is a good idea.

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