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Case Study Interviews

Craig Said:

case study to interview a senior java professional?

We Answered:

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX uncode it using ms uncode here is a link (uncode it)
good Luck
[email protected]
xxxxxxxxxx(uncode it) using ms uncode try google search for dwnld

Cecil Said:

Does anyone know how to change a case study into a interview?

We Answered:

You use the information in the case study to present questions.
An interview is nothing but questions.
The case study is nothing but answers to questions already asked or observed.
So lets say that the case study says that the person has a normal routine and goes to the coffee shop daily and then out to eat nightly. Only visits the grocery store on a weekly basis and likes to watch law and order.
So to turn that case study into a interview it would be like this.

Do you think that you could be on time.( the study already show a good routine habit)

If a person was stealing from the company because they felt like they weren't getting paid enough how would you handle it. ( well this is common sense and should be a normal answer)

Would you be able to make weekly inventory of the warehouse and make sure we always had the correct amounts.
( Study shows weekly trips to grocery store and routing habits)

Do you like to watch TV and if so what is your favorite show.
(study already gives you the answer, you are looking for a honest response)
So you see, using the already gathered data, you just need to form your questions around answers that you already have.

Johnny Said:

If i applied for a job and had two phone interviews, responded to a case study and an inperson interview?

We Answered:

Give it a day or two and if they don't call you then you call them and ask them about the job... make sure you sound pro and give them your name and every thing and then tell them why your calling.

Claudia Said:

Need suggestions for a case study interview on eating disorders?

We Answered:

Talk to your teacher about it. Its a very touchy subject, people like to keep their eating disorders close to their chest.

My suggestions. Start with basics; age, gender. Move on to ask if they have been diagnosed. how long they have suffered. do/did they feel in control or out of control. what triggers their disordered eating. include questions on recovery. motivations, what made them get help? did they do it alone? etc. somewhere in the questionnaire include a space for them to add any thoughts or feeling, or anything they think you missed from the questionnaire. remember to get consent, so you can use the results in class and remind them they can change their mind at anytime. Also, make sure they know its completely confidential.

Questions really depend on what you want to find out.

Hugh Said:

Has Any One attended Interview at PEPSICO, I have an HR Case study interview, need your help.?

We Answered:

You can check job interview question website like .

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