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Case Study Interview

June Said:

anybodu would like to be my case study if yes let me know i will send the interview questions to you?

We Answered:

We need more info...I have a great case study for you.

Laurie Said:

Can someone help with this case study?

We Answered:

Criminal law 101 should teach you that there is nothing like NEVER or any other absoluties in criminal law. So, an answer like "finger prints don't mean a thing", is misleading. Finger prints are as crucial as any other evidential material. In criminal law, every case is dealt with on its own merits. Therefore finger prints on their own may or may not be conclusive evidence. An example of when finger print evidence may be conclusive is when the suspect fails dismally to explain the presence of his finger prints on a scene. Hope this helps.

Anthony Said:

hi ... i need help !! i want to make interview questions the case of study is writing difficulties?

We Answered:

u gotta let us know what is the subject topic that u wanna research on. then we can help tailor your questions

James Said:

a case study of consumer awareness?

We Answered:

Did you say India? Consumer Awareness is a much written about subject here in America. You need to pick an area to focus on because awareness covers everything from scams to smart shopping. Here I would call the Bar Association and ask for list of lawyers willing to help a student in this area. Any major law firm could probably refer you. Do you have CA reporters on TV? Here, I would call CA Judd McIlvain with KNBC or KCBS and he wuld help. Consumer Awareness really started when (forget his name - ran for president here a few years back) did the study on the Chevrolet (car with the rear engine). Today, I notice that the tv and radio stations no longer have much of a CA interest and I think that is because big business threatens to not advertise because they do not want consumers to be educated and aware of the thousands of ways we are all taken. You could set up a stand at a market and do you own CA interviewing. This is a very good topic and you should be excited to begin researching the subject and narrowing it down. Talk with a research librarian at a major library. Also, contact a big university and ask to speak with a professor that teaches consumerism or something in that area. Good luck.

Thomas Said:

i have a technical interview......they told me i ll make a case study.....what is that?

We Answered:

I believe a case study is an example problem. In your case it will involve engineering knowledge to solve the case. I would study the company you are interviewing with and find out what their main business deals with. This may be related to what the case study problem will be about. Good luck.

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