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Case Study For Banking System

Nathan Said: ?? War and invasion,bring freedom,democracy and the rule of Law ???

We Answered:

From now on mister, your questions are limited to 5 paragraphs or less, 3.5 major points and less than 1,500 words or less, less being the preferred method.

:-) Thanks.

Virgil Said:

interesting philosophy case study!!! tell me what you think!?

We Answered:

This is downright theft. It's not being honest about what
happened. I don't care if it was a huge institution or
money from somebody's SSI, it's wrong in so many
ways. That you took the money and didn't report it
will always be on your mind, even on your death bed.
Could you really live with this your whole life. It doesn't
matter if it was someone else's mistake, you stole it
so ultimately it's your moral mistake and unless you're
a total psychopath, this will eat away at you in small
increments forever.

Julian Said:

I saw this question and this answer. Is this correct?

We Answered:

I see no problem with it.

Tara Said:

how banks promote their locker system facility?

We Answered:

at least in they do not need to promote it. here demand is so high that you have to wait for you turn. Rather they charge / demand ULIP for opening it.

Tara Said:

Help with IT: user interfaces etc?

We Answered:

User interfaces = Windows & DOS
Correct on packages

Eileen Said:

is the Justice System Fiar for non citizens?

We Answered:

the justice system is fair to all people

now why and how did someone evade australian immigration for 20 yrs

if they entered the country and overstayed then no matter what they did and how long they lived here in aust the fact remains that they are stillillegal

when ppl enter australia illegally they take away from our resources
I too was born in Fiji and am of the Indian race but I am an australian because an australian is someone who is an australian national not neccessarily someone who is born her
so if this particular individual does not hold an australian passport they r not australian

Yes we all have the right to be happy but we do not have the right to expect countries to accomodate our illegal activites

if this person needs to migrate to australia let her / him use the proper chanels and meet the immigration requirements as other migrants like my parents had to

just think this person went to school here because of this person one person who was entitled to study at the schools this person went to missed out on a place and was moved to another school
yes there are always more applicants then places so someone who is a legal resident was bumped out
as for the world being created by god wlll thats well and good but this lecture needs to be given to rambuka and all the makes and the new guy who staged a coup australia is just a soft taregt and this person is attempting to get sympathy
why doesnt this person go back to fiji and tell the fijian govt about their thoughts on god and land laws

im now actually amused and well what can i say laws r just and fair but this person has broken the law what do they want now

Keith Said:

Survey: How much confidence do you have in...?

We Answered:

1. 3 - too busy buffing their medals
2. 0. just a business out to make money
3. 2 - always after the taxpayer
4. 7
5. 7 - just a figurehead
6. 1 - bloody greedmongers, the lot of them
7. 3 - they can fix you for a price
8. 8 - they do what they can
9. 0 - no one knows where the money ends up
10. 3 some good, mostly bad, plus ads
11. 2 - more fluff now than at any time
12. 2 - greedmongers
13. 1 - anything for money that's not theirs
14. 2 - great scam to pay union dues
15. 8 - they do the best they can
16. 0 - they can fix you for a price if you jump when they whistle

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