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Case Study Examples Psychology

Michele Said:

Need someone good in psychology to help check my answers?

We Answered:

Hi Reaga,
Although I'm not familiar with Rozin's study, I have come across all the rest in my psyc courses and, good for you, they're all correct!

You'll do great.

Mario Said:

who is a crazy celebrity or infamous criminal?

We Answered:

Brittany Spears ;D

Jeffery Said:

Psychology? Not understanding!?

We Answered:

1. Which of the following professionals is a medical doctor?
b. psychiatrist- They have the ability to prescribe medicine

2. Which statement best explains the need for psychologists in schools?

b. Students experience learning and behavior problems- Psychologists are able to do diff tests to see if the problem lies more in trouble at home or learning disabilities and the child can then be more catered to instead of being seen as a nuisance.

3. Which option may help explain superstitions?
c. positive correlations- basically means that two things connect/ are related (correlate)

4. Len notices that the longer he has been friends with someone, the more similar their tastes in movies and clothes become. Which is the best explanation for this positive correlation?
c. Len and his friends have had influences on each other’s interests because they have shared many common experiences- people with the same personalities usually bond bc it is easy to relate to one another.

5. Which option best describes a correlation?
c. More students have been coming to basketball games, so the team is encouraged to practice more, and the players begin performing better.
a, b, and d are superstitions

6. John wanted to know how high school students in his former school describe an ideal teacher. He had a limited amount of time and money, and he wanted as many opinions as possible. Which form should his research take?

d. survey method

7. Asking people their opinions in order to get information quickly is an example of
d. the survey method

Edgar Said:

Help with Black Psychology paper !!!!?

We Answered:

Black Psychology --- Royalty. Of course! I see the connection!!!

Wait. No I don't.

Try posting your questions where they make sense.

Vivian Said:

Please Help me! I need a Psychology Paper badly last minute.?

We Answered:

Im sure if you paid some one, they would be able to either do it for you, or give you theirs from their previous semesters *wink wink*.

Brenda Said:

Psychology help please?

We Answered:

1) a. independent variable
2) b. experimental
3) c. cor relational
4) b. positive cor relation

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